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Weight Loss Facts, Myths and New Findings

Updated on April 3, 2016

The ability – or the lack of it - to control what they eat is a big issue with those trying to lose weight. But weight loss does not have to mean that you go hungry. Some of the newest research in obesity and nutrition continues to suggest radical and unexpected ways to lose weight while not depriving ourselves. Here is a look at some weight loss facts and tips to help you get a fresh, healthy start towards a leaner and healthier you in 2014.

Take a Page Out of Chef Richard Blais' Diet Plan

Start out by replacing some of the foods that you eat with healthier, low fat and low calorie foods. Anyone who knows a thing or two about weight loss will tell you that it is the right thing to do.

I am a great believer in this tactical approach, having myself lost 60 pounds through exercise and diet control. I suggest using yogurt or hummus instead of mayonnaise, swapping sugar with vanilla and cinnamon and replacing high fat cuts of meat with lean meats.

A Myth: Snacking is Always Bad

Here's a myth the snackers will love to have debunked: the weight loss 'fact' that snacking is always bad for you. The fact is that you don't have to starve in order to lose weight. The idea that you shouldn't eat between meals is a myth – snacking between meals can actually help you control how much you eat later. If your hunger is always kept satiated, you'll be less likely to go on a binge eating spree later. Dieticians will often tell you to have five to six small meals a day, rather than three big meals.

Of course the reason that snacking has a bad rap is because of what we tend to snack on – vending machine cookies, chocolates, sodas, chips and other fattening packaged foods. Replace these with nutritious foods like nuts, veggies and fruits, for instance. Or have low fat yoghurt or cheese to kill those between-meal hunger pangs. Avoid depriving yourself when you're hungry and you'll find your weight loss efforts far more effective.

Another Myth: You Have to Ditch the Fast Food

While fries, sugar-rich apple pies and cheeseburgers may be out, you don't have to give up the convenience of fast food altogether. Just attempt to make better choices. There are plenty of healthy options, lower in sodium than the usual in fast food today than there was a few years ago.

Avoid the little salt packets as much as you can. And try salads, grilled chicken over breaded and fried ones, soft tacos instead of hard ones, and keep dressings and sauces to a minimum or only as sides.

Start Fitness Early and Maintain a Normal Weight to Avoid Heart Attacks

Then there is this other bit of research by a team at Umea University, Sweden that reveals shocking weight loss facts that if you are lean but unfit, you are less likely to have heart attacks, as compared to those who are fit but obese. In other words, maintaining a normal weight is more important than being in great physical shape.

And how do you achieve it? Start early with your fitness regime. Be physically fit in your late teens. Encourage your teenage kids to shed their weight before they enter adulthood. They will thank you for it later.

Obesity Stigma Can Actually Prevent You From Losing Weight

This goes out to all the women trying desperately to lose weight out there. Don't let widespread weight loss stigma get you down. New findings by a psychologist at UC Santa Barbara has revealed that if you see yourself as overweight, then all those news articles about obesity that bring you down can actually make it harder for you to control your eating.

In other words – pay no attention to scathing media or workplace stigma that portrays the obese as over-indulgent, lazy and weak-willed. You know you're not all of that. The healthy way to look at weight loss is as a process to achieve better health, not as a means to fit into unreasonably small store clothing or pander to the image of skinny women in the fashion industry.

These weight loss facts are meant to help keep you on the right track to achieving a healthier you. Keep these in mind, eat healthy, stay positive, exercise, and you'll be on your way to feel great about yourself.


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