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Weight Loss Guide

Updated on January 9, 2018

Weight Loss and Positive Thinking

Dieting is a process. To lose unwanted pounds, you need to develop a plan and you need to think positively about the changes you are planning to make in your life. You can create your own or you can work with a doctor or nutritionist or follow a program that has already been developed. Whatever plan you decide to follow, it will have to be a commitment you make for the rest of your life.

If you do not want to set yourself up for failure, do not try to emulate the pictures of the "perfect body" you see on television or in magazines. When making this life change, do it for yourself and for your health. Focus on who you are and what you are trying to achieve. The change you make in your life should be for you. It should not be for someone else's perception of who you should be.

To stay focused you have to change the way you think about food. Your body needs the nutrients in the food we eat. By controlling the portions you eat and balancing the various food groups, you will be in charge and you will not feel hungry or deprived. The biggest fear to overcome is that you can not eat what you like. You will probably be surprised to find that you can add some of your favorite fodds to your plan, only in smaller portions.

When you are 10 pounds or 15 pounds overweight, your clothes may fit a little tighter. It will take less time with the proper diet and exercise to lose the extra pounds.

But, if you are 75 pounds or more overweight, you will be disheartened when you lose one pound per week. You may also lose your will to stay focused if you reach a plateau. The weight just does not fall off. You will not be happy with yourself until you clearly define your goals and understand what will work for you. Do not weigh yourself everyday. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time. Do not let the scales define who you are.

Do not get caught up in the process. There will be times when you go over your allotment. Find the balance that works for you. If you eat in moderation and include physical activity in your dail routine, you will get the results you desire.

Weight loss does not work if you do not change your lifestyle. You have to be consistent and aggressive in your aproach to reach your goal. You have to take control of your life.

Do You Need a Weight Loss Product?

Being overweight creates a number of health problems such as higher risk of heart disease, hypertension, stroke, and diabetes. These are compelling reasons to lose weight. If you have dieted and failed, you will probably not want to diet again. You may be tired of trying different diets and not getting the results you want.

There are no magic weight loss products. There are no miracle supplements or pills. The most effective way to lose weight is eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. If you use weight loss products along with a healthy diet and exercise, you may see different results. However, you should know that the difference depends on which weight loss product you use. There are a lot of them in the marketplace and some have side effects.

The most popular weight loss products are natural appetite suppressants. You take these pills to curb your hunger and to resist the urge to snack during the day. These are over-the-counter pills. If you use natural pill suppressants, you will compromising your health.

Another type of over-the-counter weight loss product is a metabolism booster. Metabolism boosters can help your body burn calories more efficiently when you exercise. If your weight loss plan is a low-calorie diet, you may see faster results.

Using a weight loss product is not the total answer to your problem if you are overweight. It is an additional way to help you lose those unwanted pounds. You need to eat healthy and exercise to achieve your goals. When you start to lose weight, you will be motivated to continue.

Visit your local drugstore and see what is available. Then do some additional research on the Internet to check out the ingredients and what others have said about the product. As with every effort you make to lose weight, it is important you find a weight loss product that is suited for you

Spice up your Weight Loss

If you are on a diet, you can enjoy your food. Make your diet an adventure. You can discover new foods and new flavors.

There are so many different spices you can use on your food that will make the blandest foods seem exciting. Fish and chicken are popular among dieters. Both have lean meat. We enjoy adding a blackening seasoning such as Prudhomme seasonings for fish on the fillet, and rub it in. We broil the fish. It is delicious and has a great taste. You are not adding a lot of extra calories to your meal with your seasoning.


When you are in the grocery store, stop at the seasonings rack. Some seasonings bottles have information on their labels which tell you what they are best suited for. You can also do research on the Internet or at the library. Make a list and use these in your foods.


Having an occasional treat is good for you when you diet. If you deny yourself the foods you enjoy, you will find yourself slipping. Look for low-calorie and sugar-free desserts and candy to enjoy. Remember that if you eat small items like candy, you may be unconsciously popping them in your mouth and may eat more than you should. If you are going to treat yourself with candy, you should take out the amount you plan to eat and put the rest away.

Low-fat/No-fat Substitutes

You do not have to sacrifice flavor to diet. You can use butter substitutes which have no trans fat. Seasonings will add flavor to your food. You can create dips and sauces with low-fat and no-fat mayonnaise or sour cream.

Substitute chips with a low-fat dip that you eat with carrot sticks, cucumbers, peppers, or broccoli. You can keep these on hand in the refrigerator and when you feel like having a snack, you will have a treat that is healthy.

Spice it up and enjoy!

Watch your calories and on occasion you can indulge in treats that you enjoy most without sacrificing your diet. Dieting involves a mental process. You have to commit yourself to a lifestyle change. Change is difficult. But, with a little effort on your part you can spice up your diet and make it an interesting challenge.

Adding flavor to your diet meals with seasonings can take you on an exciting eating adventure.


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