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Buying & Using A Weight Loss Hypnosis CD

Updated on February 15, 2011

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Are you thinking about using a weight loss hypnosis CD to get your weight under control? This may be a great decision, as hypnosis has helped many people to establish healthy eating and exercise habits, and to lose weight for good where other methods have failed. This article discusses some of the things to look for when buying a self-hypnosis recording for weight loss, and gives some tips for getting the most from your sessions and increasing the likelihood of getting the results you desire.

First of all, why use hypnosis for weight loss? Simply put, lasting weight loss depends on establishing health habits. Short term crash diets may help you drop some pounds quickly, but most people who lose weight in this unhealthy manner simply regain it (often with some extra). Yet the reason why many people turn to crash diets in the first place is because they have trouble sticking to a balanced, healthy diet, or maintaining a sensible exercise regime. If you've spent years or a lifetime eating badly, it's not easy to make changes. Many people know how they should eat and live, but can't seem to find the willpower to stick to it. This is where hypnosis comes in – it can help you to reprogram your belief system and make it easier to establish healthy habits – and weight loss will follow naturally. And best of all, it will be permanent!

Hypnosis can make losing weight more easy in other ways too. Some people overeat in response to stress, and hypnosis is excellent for stress-relief – meaning you'll be less likely to overeat as a way of coping with it. It can also help you to gain a more positive self-image, something which many overweight people badly need. You can also come to adopt the belief that weight loss and healthy eating are easy – after all, diets are normally looked at as some kind of horrible deprivation – and who wants to go through that? By coming to know the true ease and enjoyment which a healthy lifestyle can involve, you won't need to rebel against some Spartan regime anymore, so will be less likely to sabotage your own progress.

Weight loss hypnosis is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle – what it does is lead you to the point where you want to live healthily, and gives you the tools to change your attitude to food, body image and weight loss, and to cope with situations that would normally trigger overeating behaviour.

Hypnotherapy Or A Self-Hypnosis CD?

Hypnosis for weight loss has traditionally been carried out in a clinical setting by a hypnotherapist. Many people prefer to visit a hypnotherapist in person, and this can certainly be a very effective way to use hypnosis. However, for many people this isn't possible for various reasons – maybe there isn't a suitable practitioner where you live, or it is too expensive, or doesn't work with your schedule (and in any case, many of the best hypnotists believe that the ultimate aim of hypnotherapy should be for the client to learn self-hypnosis, and become self-reliant). Fortunately you can get the benefits of hypnosis by practicing self-hypnosis at home, with a CD (or MP3) recording. Weight loss self-hypnosis CDs are readily available and are easy to use – you simply need to find a quiet place where you can relax undisturbed for the duration of the session, listen to your CD and follow the directions given. If you're new to self-hypnosis and don't have any previous experience with meditation, it may take several sessions before you learn to fully relax and focus on the recording, but it will come with practice. In any case, it's important to set time aside for regular sessions, as self-hypnosis often takes a while to show results (although there are exceptions of course).

Choosing A Weight Loss Hypnosis CD

As mentioned, there are many self-hypnosis CDs for losing weight to choose from. How do you know which is best? First of all, different people respond to different recordings, so what works well for one person won't be the best for everyone. However, there are some common factors that high quality recordings have in common. You should choose a CD that is put together by a person who is qualified as a hypnotist or hypnotherapist. There should be an introductory induction section before the weight loss script begins, which takes you through a thorough relaxation process (the body should be relaxed before the mind accepts the hypnotic suggestions). If you're buying a hypnosis recording for weight loss online, you could also look for reviews to see what other people are saying about the product. Plus most hypnosis sites that offer CDs and downloads will also offer free samples of their recordings, so you can check the quality beforehand.

You might also want to look for hypnosis recordings that are geared towards specific aspects of weight loss – for example, some deal with binge eating, motivation or junk food addiction or other specialised topics. Or alternatively, you can opt for a more general script.

How To Use Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

So, now you've chosen a hypnosis CD for weight loss – but how do you get the most from it? Any decent recording will come with full instructions for its use, and of course you should follow these to the letter. However, there are some general guidelines which apply to self-hypnosis sessions generally:

Practice regularly – this is extremely important. You need to decide in advance where and when you'll have your sessions, and stick to it. Self-hypnosis normally takes some time to show full results, so you need to persevere.

Don't expect too much too soon – it's unlikely that your eating habits are going to drastically change after just one session. Commit to practising for three months at least.

Remember, it's not a magic fix – self-hypnosis has helped many people to lose weight, but it's still down to you to take the necessary actions, which means eating well and exercising. Self-hypnosis just makes it easier to make the right choices.

Have a quiet practice area – it's vital that you find or make a space where you can practice undisturbed. So if there are other people around, insist that they respect your need to privacy and quiet during this time. If you have pets, close the door to your practice room.

It may take a while to get used to it – if you're not experienced with hypnosis or meditation, you may find that your mind wanders, or you fall asleep, or you become restless etc – don't worry – these reactions are normal, and you'll find it easier to maintain your focus with more practice.


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