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Diet Weight Loss Pills : La Muscle Fat Stripper Intense Review

Updated on September 19, 2012

Are you feeling that enough is enough and that you can't go on accepting the way you are?You may not be obese but you know that your slowly going downhill and gradually putting on weight. You may already feel that people are noticing, you might have already had someone unfortunately point it out to you, I know myslef how low it can make you feel. Losing weight takes time and work to get results which means you can get in to the viscous circle of starting and stopping. I my self can easily put on weight if I don't take care of my diet. When I exercise properly and eat and supplement well I get results in a matter of weeks. I was very active as a kid bmxing, skating, swimming and playing football but as I got older and started to work I had less time to be as active and as I did less I had less energy, I joined gym and gained muslce and lost some weight but because I didnt know about nutrition and supplemts my results were not long lasting as I would still eat the same. As I started to get interested In bodybuilding I soon realised how important your diet is, as they have to come in to a competition with very low bodyfat.They do this with a combination of increasing their cardio and reducing calories and the use of Weight loss supplements, to increase the fat burning process. As I searched for what fat burners actually do I then started to look for the best on the market that actually produced results. La Muscle Fatstripper Intense by LaMuscle started to come up frequently but I didnt actually like the colour combo of the packaging as I was being distracted by other hyped up glitzy products so I ignored what they were offering. It wasn't untill I started noticing LaMuscle products were starting to appearing on TV (not in advertising sense) that this companies products meant business. After looking at their range It was clear to see that their products were superior in content to many other top brands.

La Muscle Fat Stripper Intense

LaMucle have many successful endorsed Champoion athletes in all bodybuilding and Fitness catergories many of which were endorsed by LaMuscle BEFORE they became champions. They constantly improved and expand their product ranges and many supplemnts can be interlinked and used inconjustion with each other. Where this product shines is that it uses 8, 100% Safe and Natural Ingrediants to help you lose weight and shift fat from the body. This supplement does not use ephedrine as a stimulant to elivate heart rate nor does it use any stimulants for that matter.


  1. Tetradecylthioacetic Acid
  2. N-Acetyl-Tyrosine
  3. Yerba Mate
  4. Guarana
  5. Green Tea
  6. Choline
  7. Cayenne
  8. Alpha Lipoic Acid

This product is designed to give you results fast. It sets itself apart from many other diet pill /weight loss pill products as it focus's on actively melting existing fat and continuously burnig fat throughout the day.

This product produces results,it's price compared to similiar products in its range it is competitive. This is not your everyday diet pill you can buy from the highstreet for under $10 that use stimulants to achieve results. This is designed to work effectively.

LA Muscle recommend that you use Fat Stripper Intense in conjuction with their Nobese Supplement which combats stubborn fat that has accumulated over years.

Overall Fat Stripper Intense is a serious product to get you the results you desire if YOU are seious that you want to lose weight and feel happy in yourself. Each Tub contains 90 capsules which is One months supply. You should only purchase weight loss supplements if you are serious about losing weight, these are not magic pills, they are designed to give you accelerated results from a clean diet and adequate exercise.


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