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Singapore Weight Loss Programs that works

Updated on December 25, 2011

Over in the tropical state of Singapore, the populace is obsessed over weight loss. Obesity is an obsession in the tiny republic and there are indeed plenty of marketed products and advertisements aimed at fighting the flab.

One could be watching a movie on Channel 5, one of Singapore’s free-to-air channels and throughout the entire movie, there would be at least one advertisement shown during the ad breaks of the movie advertising a weight loss product boasting its dramatic success. Just how effective are these products? Over the years, the governing health body has exposed several weight loss products that are mere scams and in one particular case, a famous local celebrity, upon being recommended the product which was endorsed by another local celebrity friend, caused a liver failure after consuming the killer slimming pills.

Lose weight

Lose Weight Fast
Lose Weight Fast

We take a look at some of the more trusted and well known ways to fight the flab in Singapore.

The most trusted way to lose weight anywhere in the world is to work off the flab. Exercising and a diet program are two things needed for an effective weight loss. There is a problem to this. In Singapore, where lifestyle is hectic, it is indeed difficult to plan what one needs to eat to effectively lose weight. At times when there is simply too much work to be done, fast food joints become the usual haunt. While ultimately convenient, these places provide too much calories, more than what the body can burn off on an average day. While the average Singaporean has self-discipline, the lack of time hinders a proper meal.

In comes gym membership. Gyms or fitness centers as they are called provide a one-stop fitness center for everyone to enjoy, with a personal trainer to boot at premium prices. Fitness giants like California Fitness have centers located conveniently in and around the heart of the city to get white collars and business executives to join. Though membership can be pricey, the personal trainers offer brilliant personalized advice that will go a long way in one’s quest to lose weight. With world class equipments, fitness centers are a definite way to go, if you are looking for the most trusted weight loss program.

For those lacking funds but armed with more self-discipline, stadiums located all around Singapore offer the use of a gym at rock bottom prices. These gyms, however, are only maintained by one or two trainers that are only there to maintain the well-being of its users. Without the aid of a personal trainer, one must do their own research on the equipment available in the gyms to maximize weight loss. Spend too much time on the dumbbells and one could gain muscular mass instead of losing fat. Strict use of the treadmills and static cycles are a good start to improve cardio and sweat out the fat.

For those looking for an alternative, slimming companies like Expressions, Jean Yip, Marie France Bodyline and London Weight Management provide a holistic approach to weight loss and uses alternative medicines and techniques to battle the flab. Techniques like Ayurveda treatment, slimming wraps, light treatment are just some of the methods advertised to lose weight. While some of these methodologies are not scientifically proven, these companies have had relative success in its quest for weight loss for its members.

In Singapore, for the excessively obese, surgeries are done to curb further weight gain. Surgeries like adjustable gastric band and a gastric bypass surgery are only done for those with a Body Mass Index or BMI over 35. These surgeries use different methods to effectively make the stomach smaller in space. This effectively limits the food intake of the patients. While surgeries like these are very uncomfortable the first few weeks, success is tremendous. Patients lose over 80% of their body weight. However, these surgeriesare only used as a last ditch attempt at a weight loss as its complications of an infection, hemorrhage and hernia make it too high-risk for mere overweight patients to undergo.

There are indeed plenty of weight loss programs in Singapore but instead of forking out money over it, just invest in a good pair of running shoes, plot out a 2km running route around your housing estate and go for a jog three times a week. That, along with a balanced diet of vegetables and fruits will get you losing weight and staying healthy in the long run! If you have complications that might now allow you to run or jog, make use of the swimming pools available throughout the island, a few laps in the pool burn off almost as much calories as jogging!


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