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Weight Loss Through Boudoir Photography

Updated on April 7, 2008


Can having a Boudoir Photography session really help you lose weight? The answer is, YES!

The Story of Denise

Take for example our client Denise. She was 35 years old and had been corresponding for 6 months with a man she met through on-line dating. The distance (out-of-state) had prevented them from meeting up until now. They were planning on getting together in 3 months. Denise was in a panic! She had posted some older photos of herself when she was 15lbs. thinner on the Internet, thinking that by now she would have lost the weight. On the contrary, all of the pressure to diet and exercise only made her gain more weight. She was becoming more and more anxious and frustrated. She felt that this person might be "Mr. Right" and did not want to lose him because she had misled or deceived him by her photos.

A Helpful Friend

She was talking with a friend who had seen our ad in Boston Magazine for Fantasy Photography by Daphne, and she suggested that Denise have some updated pictures taken. Her friend suggested that she go to our studio where we specialize in customizing the images by slenderizing the boudoir photographs to make her look like she was already 15lbs. lighter.

The Boudoir Photography Session

She came into our studio and spoke with Daphne, the photographer, and her team of make-up artists and hairstylists who told her that this had been an incentive used by many of their clients who were also trying to lose weight and were usually successful or those who had a time frame which meant no back sliding.

After we completed her make-over she looked gorgeous! The outfits she brought were revealing, sexy and flattering. As she watched herself being photographed her beautiful goddess nature began to emerge. She felt confident, sensual and Thin! But, of course, she still intended on losing the weight!

The Happy Ending

The day the boudoir photographs arrived, she cried. "Yes, this is how I want him to see me. This is the me that I see.."

She now has the visual affirmations of the ‘self' she wants to be, which will encourage her to stick to her goal of losing the weight for him. She hung the image in prominent place where she can look at it the first thing in the morning and the last thing she at night before going to sleep, programming her mind in a positive way. Daphne also gave here some affirmations to say and write out. Denise came to realize during the boudoir photo session that losing the weight and looking good was equally, if not, more important for her and her own self esteem.

She later wrote and told us that she and her Internet boyfriend had successfully met....again and again. When she looks at those boudoir photos she smiles to herself each time knowing that we at Fantasy Photography by Daphne helped her evolve to a place that allowed her to create her own reality.

They are now happily engaged!


At Fantasy Photography of Boston, Massachusetts, 781-641-2100, Daphne Weld Nichols, the talented, creative and world renowned boudoir photographer and glamour photographer with her female team of make up artists and stylists can make anyone look glamorous and beautiful, creating sensual boudoir photos just for you. And as a portrait photographer, Daphne knows how to bring out the inner you which is expressed in beautiful sensual boudoir photos.


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