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Weight Loss Tips for the Holidays

Updated on December 6, 2017

Cutting down on calories and exercise plays a pivotal role with weight loss

Did you know that diets high in refined sugar and fat, with little to no vegetables and fiber, has contributed to global obesity? The holidays are fast approaching and with that comes endless invitations to parties packed with fattening foods. So how do you maintain or lose weight during this tempting season? The simplest solution is to make healthy lifestyle changes for life. Here’s how you can do this...

Exercise is Key

This is one of the most fundamental changes you could make. You need not be the next Jane Fonda, lift weights, or strive for Arnold Schwarzenegger-like muscles. The simplest change is bound to make a difference gradually. All you need to do is start with a one-hour workout session per day, tailored to your level of fitness. Start with a physical activity you enjoy. Be it a brisk walk, or gym workout, do what you love, and just simply start moving. If anything, this enables a great habit.

The Importance of Breakfast

Nutritionists are not joking when they emphasize the importance of your first meal of the day. Did you know that consuming breakfast revs up your metabolism and transforms your body into a fat torching machine? Oats are a great low GI start to the day. Or try some fat-free yogurt with a few pieces of your favorite fruit, or a scrumptious vegetable omelet.

Mind Your Calories and Certain Food Types

Portion control is important as the larger the portion, the more your body has to work to ward off fat storage. Try avoiding starchy foods completely, and replace these with low GI carbohydrates like vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. You could also substitute potatoes with sweet potatoes, or bread with low GI crackers. Vegetables also make you feel fuller for longer, which helps prevents binging. You could also substitute white rice with brown.

Remember that cakes, biscuits, chocolate, and soft drinks are high in refined sugar and should be avoided. If you love chocolate, why not try some hot chocolate with fat free milk and no sugar. Or freeze your favorite sugar and fat-free yogurt as an ice-cream substitute. Avoid excessive salt intake too, as too much of this may lead to hypertension, or contribute to water retention.There are no two ways about it – Alcohol is fattening. So limit your intake considerably, or opt for alcohol-free drinks.

Consistency, a Food Diary, and Regular Weigh-Ins

Consistency forms good eating habits, so always strive to follow the same eating plan during weekends and the week. If you do fall off the bandwagon with one meal, strive to eat healthy for your next meal. However, never digress from your healthy eating plan for an entire day. Diarizing what you ingest is also a great way to keep track and essentially curb yourself when necessary.


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