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Weight Loss How to: Unusual Ways to Burn Calories Fast Without Exercise

Updated on April 10, 2017
Think its time to lose weight?  Yep.
Think its time to lose weight? Yep. | Source

Lose Weight Fast

We're all looking for a quick fix for weight loss, a way to lose weight fast without sacrificing those delicious chocolate chip cookies bar or red velvet cupcakes.

There are lots of ways to get rid of belly fat without eating like a rabbit and slaving away at the gym and investing in lots of home gym equipment, workout clothing, and gym memberships.

The trick is to burn more calories than you take in by sticking to the 3500 calorie equals one pound of body fat rule.

If you reduce your daily diet by 500 calories, or do things to burn 500 calories through exercise (or these unusual ways), you are guaranteed to lose one pound of body fat in a week. 500 calories x 7 days per week = 3500 calories (or 1lb of body fat).

While cutting back on the sweets, carbs, and fatty foods are undeniable ways to eliminate calories, there are many other ways that you can fight those little calorie minions in your closet that stitch your clothes a little tighter every night.


Unusual Calorie Burning

There are lots of fun and unique ways for guaranteed weight loss out there.

Pair these 5 unusual ways to burn calories with a meal plan appropriate for your body type and fitness goals and you will be destined for success, or at least get a bit of humor out of these funny weight loss ideas.



Studies have shown that on average, a person weighing about 160lbs burns about 18-20 calories during a 15 minute make out session.

A more petite (around 120-130lbs) person would burn around 12-15 for a 15 minute kiss.

And for you larger lovers? On average, a 240-250lb adult can burn about 30 calories for every 15 minutes of making out.

What a lovely way to get a workout! Just be sure that you don't run your blood pressure up too high!

Spicy Food


Love that takeout Thai food from down the street? Can't resist eating jalapeno chips and picante salsa? Eat it up!

It's been proven that spicy foods speed up the metabolism and do wonders for your health. You can read just what chilli peppers can do for you here: Health Benefits of Peppers: Sweet Pepper, Black Pepper and Chili Pepper Benefits.


Text to your heart's content.

If you text for an entire hour straight you will definitely crush 132 calories easily.

While it might seem a bit silly, if you are going to be sitting in the car for a long period of time (Not driving! Please do no text and drive!) and do not want to distract the driver, texting can be a way to burn off a bit of excess calories as you move from point A to point B.



Laughing for 15 minutes can burn off 50 calories (give or take, depending on the intensity) super fast!

Research has shown that adults can burn an average of 1.3 calories per minute while laughing with friends.

So get all your friends together and turn on Duck Dynasty and let the cracking up begin!

Cold Shower


Cold showers are not just for calming you down when your libido is racing and you're unable to satisfy those physical desires.

Your body has to work very hard to maintain its core temperature. The human body can easily burn off 100 calories in getting to a stable core temperature.

Who wants to break out the cold water swimming suits?

Another cold water tip: Drinking ice cold water instead of room temperature water burns calories! Your body has to work harder to bring the water up to a proper temperatures and thus burns calories as it does.

So stick your bottled water into the freezer for a few minutes before you head out, or fill your tumbler full of ice - your body will thank you! Besides, who doesn't like a nice refreshing glass of ice water on a hot summer day?


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    • Neinahpets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      Sharkye11: That definitely sounds like a plan!

    • Sharkye11 profile image

      Jayme Kinsey 

      6 years ago from Oklahoma

      Fun ideas! I don't think I am desperate enough to take cold showers, but I will gladly eat spicy food while texting my mother endlessly!

    • Neinahpets profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      Thanks Jane! Yes, cat obesity is a huge problem. People think having a fat cat is really cute, but cats can develop heart disease and other weight related health conditions just like humans. I feel for those poor kitty cats that can't speak up for themselves.

    • profile image

      Jane Holmes 

      6 years ago

      A great hub! But, the poor kitty!


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