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Weight Loss - You Can Do It

Updated on March 21, 2011

Fat Cat Syndrome

Do you feel pudgy and bloated? Do you look in the mirror and lie about how great you look? Is losing weight always on your tomorrow list? These are all signs of what I like to call the Fat Cat Syndrome. The reality is you've gained too much poundage over the years and it's starting to show. Really show! I know I once felt and looked liked a fat cat myself. Well maybe not that bad (yeah right). But I was heading in that direction and I knew it. I was slowly creeping near 200 pounds. Being a male I realized that if I crossed that unforgiving barrier that it would be even harder to lose weight.

Back To The Basics

As I was approaching the 200 big ones plateau I had a friend who was also having a problem with his gravitationally pull on the earth. He made a visit to his doctor. His doctor put him on some sort of diet pill. It seemed to be working. I went to see my doctor. Guess what? He explained to me that diet pills were not the answer. I simply needed to become more aware of what I was shoveling in my mouth.

In other words, I had to start counting calories. Oh no! Not that! He was very explicate with his instructions. I was to take in only 1500 calories a day. With this my weight loss would be around one pound per week. What! One pound a week! Is he crazy! I wanted my weight loss to be more like one pound a day.

Give It A Try

Counting calories was something that I had never tried. It always seemed to be the other balloon balls that were counting them. Was I going to give it a try or not? Is this something I could actually do with any success? All this intense contemplating was making me hungry. But I knew that eating was not going to solve my problem. So I decided to give calorie counting a try.

I started by reading the Nutrition Facts label located on most food packaging. This label shows the amount of calories along with other tidbits of information. I realized that I could cut back on my daily food consumption. For example instead of cream and sugar in my morning coffee I drank it black. I replaced regular drinks like Coke and Pepsi for diet. Now I like the odd beer so I switched from 5% alcohol to 4%. Get the picture? I'm sure there are many ways for you to cut back to.

The Results

I lost 30 pounds of blubber in seven months. I went from 195 lbs to 165 lbs. People were complimenting me on how great I looked. My face wasn't so puffy anymore. I felt and looked younger. What a feeling of achievement. I actually did it. I was able to fit into an old pair of blue jeans again. Yeah baby! I was no longer a fat cat. So give calorie counting a try. Take in 1500 calories a day, lose a pound a week. You can do it!

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