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Weight Loss and Me Trying Hypnosis

Updated on June 8, 2019
This is me at my beautiful granddaughter Emily's wedding. The little girls are my great granddaughters, Braelie and Paisley.
This is me at my beautiful granddaughter Emily's wedding. The little girls are my great granddaughters, Braelie and Paisley. | Source

My New Approach to Weight Loss

On Sept. 13, 2018, I did something so out of my comfort zone that even I am surprised by it. I sought the help of a hypnotist, Mark Patrick, to lose weight. Skeptical, yes, but at this point in my life I need something that will work and so far, nothing has lasted. I am desperate to lose weight for my health. I am close to be a diabetic which I don’t want and unless I turn myself around right now I am heading in that direction.

The seminar is about an hour long. Advice is given as to dos and don’ts with incredible differences as to what we may have been told in the past. Otherwise we were to erase any other knowledge we thought was our way to a slim figure. Mark will guide us through what he believes will help and what we need to pay special attention to. The actual hypnosis will come towards the end of our session and will last about 30 minutes or so. I was amazed that it seemed more like ten minutes. The whole group is hypnotized at the same time. Most everyone agreed it did not seem like 30 minutes had past.

When we first enter the seminar, Mark greets us with admission either by being preregistered or by registering upon arrival. Admission is $49.99, payable by cash or credit card. There is a money back guarantee if you feel it will not work. He gives us a booklet to fill out. This booklet is for our own use and knowledge, it contains valuable information to help guide us along our way to a better lifestyle and healthy weight. This booklet is also our ticket into another seminar should we feel we need to try again, free of charge anywhere he is speaking for as long as we want. It is a part of the guarantee he offers. It asked about our current routines. It asked about our diet, our activity, and our wishes to how much weight we wish to lose. We set our goal and write it down. Mark said keep it realistic, not more than 70 pounds or so to start with and plan to do this in an amount of time that allows us to lose gradually. I chose 75 pounds and 10 months to do it. This will be 7 ½ each month.

Advice for Healthy Weight Loss

First, the advice we received was to leave so called diet food alone. It is fake. Don’t eat it. No sugar free, loaded with artificial sweeteners or low-fat, salt laced food is going to help you. Eat real food. Only be careful how much and how often you consume it. Beware of what you are eating and the nutrient values it holds. Never shop for food hungry and always use a list. Watch labels. Eat real cheese on your salad, not processed stuff.

Mark suggest 6 small meals other than 3 large ones. Chew your food slowly. Chew each mouthful 20-30 times. Never clean your plate. Leave a bite or two and do not stuff yourself. You do not want that feeling of being too full. Drink plenty of water, 6 to 8 glasses per day are recommended. Defuse some water with lemons and limes rather than drinking soda. He also suggests drinking seltzer or unsweetened green tea. Protein shakes will promote energy. Walking will help but use of weights will make a difference in the benefits you gain from it. Don’t deprive yourself of a snack at night but make it a protein snack. Eat greens but do away with iceberg lettuce, it holds no nutrients, mixed greens like romaine, kale, or spinach is a far better choice, try a garnish with lemon juice in place of dressing.

Supplements will help that contain vitamins C, Bs, K, D, chromium, magnesium, cocoa, green tea extract, and cinnamon. Also suggested is an Amylase inhibitor containing white kidney bean extract and Banaba extract to take five minutes before consuming high carb meals like pastas, potatoes, bread or rice.

Mark has available supplements from General Sciences that we can purchase from him. Unlike what some people have said I saw no pressure to buy them from him. It is our choice alone if we wish to use the supplements. A few others and I did take advantage of the discount he could offer. I am in this to win. If success means supplements, I am willing to try them. What do I have to lose at this point? A great deal if I don’t take some weight off. At least for a couple of months I will try the supplements and see if they help while I pay attention to my new lifestyle.

One of these supplements taken near bedtime contain melatonin to promote sleep. Sleep is needed to lose weight just as it is needed to stay alert. Our body needs seven hours of sleep.


I never have been hypnotized before and surely was trying something new. Some people claim they can not be hypnotized, but I am hopeful I can. I go into this session with a positive attitude. It will work. Relaxing every inch of my body. Focusing on every vision suggested to bring a deep state of mind connecting me to another dimension of my well-being. I float softly among a cloudy surrounding with my feet firmly on a platform. I descend a flight of stairs leading to a doorway at the bottom that is 50 feet high. I enter a hallway and soon find myself into a store that only sells clothing that is my ideal size. I focus on my new wardrobe as I parade in front of a triple fold mirror. Wow, so relaxed, so focused.

As the hypnosis continues we are asked to take deep breathes holding it then counting to three, breathe out and think of a food that is stopping us from becoming our ideal size. We are asked to do these three times. My three are bread, pasta and potatoes. These three foods we are to be very cautious as to how much we consume. We are also told to think about how bad overeating makes us feel and that we want no part of it. We do not want to feel stuffed.

When the hypnosis ends we are asked to awake with an awareness that we have had a relaxing sleep. We awake refreshed. I felt as though only minutes had passed by.

So Far, So Good

Brain power has unlimited potential to help us with most any problem. Our sub-conscious mind will guide us if we let it. Most everything we do in our lives is done because our minds tell us to do it. Perhaps a little trickery is all we need to convince ourselves of our own willpower. In just a little over two weeks I have lost weight. I haven’t eaten pasta at all and have eaten very little bread or potatoes. Strange thing is, I don’t miss them.

Eating healthy is what will work. Food choice is the key. A boost to start off in the right direction should help. Hypnosis, supplements, and determination to succeed all need to work together. When all else has failed I have to believe this will work. As of Sept. 29, 2018, I am down 6 ½ pounds. It is a milestone for me.

This is Dolly. My new love. My partner in crime. Her energy alone should help me get in gear to shed some weight.
This is Dolly. My new love. My partner in crime. Her energy alone should help me get in gear to shed some weight. | Source


On the day of the seminar, Sept. 13, 2018, I weighed 264.8 pounds.

Oct. 13, 2018, I weigh 252.2 pounds

Nov. 13, 2018, I weigh 248.6 pounds.

Dec. 13, 2018, I weigh 242.8 pounds.

Jan. 13, 2019, I weigh 239.2 pounds.

Feb. 13, 2019, I weigh 234.4 pounds

March 13, 2019 I weigh 230 pounds

April 13, 2019 I weigh 229 pounds

May 13, 2019 I weigh 231 pounds

June 8, 2019 I weigh 229 pounds

Down 35 Pounds and at a Stall

Today is June 8, 2019. I have barely noticed a difference in my weight these past three months. My weight lose journey has come to a near stop and I am far from my goal. My plan was to drop 75 pounds by July. July is a month away and I have only dropped 35 pounds. I am thankful I have managed to keep it off, but I am frustrated I have had such difficulties to lose more. I eat healthy. I walk everyday and I try to stay active. The things that worked before are not giving me the same results I had in the beginning of this program. Perhaps I need to attend another seminar. I know I need to eliminate another food source from my diet and to find another source of exercise until I see results once again. I will keep trying.


© 2018 Diana L Pierce


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