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Weight Training And Women And Perils Of Being Obese

Updated on May 12, 2011

A few decades back, weight training used to be considered as the domain of men. But, nowadays, women are also very much interested in this. In reality, even women can derive great benefits from it. The benefits they can derive are increase in strength, fat loss and improvement in bone density. It is also proved that they can get prolonged protection from dreadful health complications like osteoporosis. They can even postpone age-related diseases by indulging in weight-training activities.

Men are able to grow more muscles and bones, thanks to the sex hormone testosterone. But, this hormone is produced less in women and so, however hard they try, they can not have big muscles like men. But, this fact should not deter them from doing weight training exercises because they can improve their strength by doing them.

Among other diseases, the most dangerous disease that may affect women is breast cancer and it is a proven fact that obesity may cause this disease. So, if women do weight training exercises and reduce their fat, they can protect themselves from it. Even after this disease strikes, women can do light weight training exercises to strengthen the effect of their treatment and accelerate their cure.

Production of estrogen in women is reduced after they attain menopause and so, they become susceptible to heart ailments also, apart from being affected by osteoporosis. Heart ailments can strike when cholesterol shoots up beyond the desired levels also. Likewise, when body weight increases and the bone density decreases, there may be many other inexplicable hardships in women. To surmount these problems, the right prescription is weight training.

But, for women who have reached a stage when weight training exercises are not possible, the best alternative is walking. When young people should do both weight training exercises and walking to derive optimum health benefits, older women should necessarily go for walking to prevent all the above health problems. Only then, they can live a healthy and happy life.


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