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Weight Training Defined

Updated on July 13, 2013
Heading to the Military to get Buff?
Heading to the Military to get Buff?

So What is Weight Training All About?

Wow, do we have an abundance of “Weight Training” information tossed at us on a daily basis. There are ads all over the newspaper, demonstrations on TV with weight exercise using blow up balls, dumb bells, bars, etc. Magazines show standing Nautilus or similar machines. Infomercials have exercise machines that fold away, or take up space in a den like walking machines, running machines, rowing machines, and the list goes on and on. What is the fascination with weight training? I guess everyone wants to have a “Beach Body.”

So what is weight training all about? Weight training workout routines include both bodybuilding programs and fitness instructions. They focus on lifting weights or pushing against resistance in order to develop strength. Their goal is to build up an individuals’ core muscle strength and turn gain into muscle mass through weight lifting routines or weightlifting. The general suggestion is that weight training be done three times per week in 30 minutes intervals on alternating days with aerobic exercises. So, weight training is a system of conditioning involving lifting weights to improve strength and endurance which may include the use of equipment like “Free Weights” and “Weight Machines.”.

Athletes use weight training to improve their performance, for general conditioning, and for bodybuilding. But, weight training can be part of a physical therapy or rehabilitation programs also. Whatever the reason you are considering adding a weight training program to your daily routine, you need to consult your doctor first. Weight training has caused injury to the bodies of both experienced and inexperienced. Also, remember that cardio exercise is only one part of a weight-ltraining plan. You also need to revamp your eating habits. So, after consulting your doctor, it might also be a good idea to consult a nutritionist, because weight training requires an adjustment of your diet to accommodate the extra calories you will burn.

From my reading, experts indicate that a weight training diet should contain all the Essential Food Groups, but include 2 or more servings of the fatter cuts of meat and fish, 4 or more cups of milk (ice cream and cheese), 1 or more servings of eggs, serve vegetables with cream, butter, salad oils to add fat calories, and fruit with whip cream, in heavy syrup and sugar. Snacks are allowed. Understanding that the added fat will help limit fatigue that tends to lead to more injuries. If however, you loose interest in weight training, you need to return to the 1200 calorie diet and loose the extra fat you are adding to your diet or you will gain weight fast.

Experts state that it is always a good idea to hire a personal trainer if you don't know much about weight training. They believe this trainer can help you set up your program and help you understand your muscle groups. There is a whole different language that goes along with weight training to specify exercises and movement that you will need to learn. Weight training is a form of resistance training, and if done correctly and at regular intervals can significantly increase a persons’ muscle mass. The idea is that a muscle will only strengthen when forced to operate beyond its customary intensity or on overload. Since the muscles requires more energy than fat, intensity can speed up the metabolic rate and burn fat while resting. Weight training is a group of muscle contraction exercises that causes the greatest amount of electrical activity within the muscle groups and produces the greatest gains in mass and strength.

The amount of weight to be used when lifting should be based on a percentage of the maximum amount of weight that the person can lift at one time, generally referred to as one repetition. Maximum high repetition exercises are appropriate for field sports, rowing and martial arts. Medium to High number repetitions with medium to heavy loads [produces fatigue] is appropriate for sports like football and bodybuilding where increased size is a valuable asset.Doing Low Number repetition exercises with heavy dumb bells is appropriate for Power or Olympic lifting, and Shot Putt.

Internet resources:

For maximum results, athletes should train according to their genetic predisposition. An athlete with a greater proportion of slow twitch muscles would adapt better to endurance training and a muscular endurance program using more repetitions of a lighter weight. An athlete with a greater proportion of fast twitch muscles would benefit from sprint training and a muscular strength program using fewer repetitions of a heavier weight according to Doctor F. Hatfield. He has developed a Muscle Fiber Test to help you determine your predominate muscle type.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic encourage weight training stating, ” When done correctly, weight training can help you lose fat, increase your strength and muscle tone, and improve bone density.” They have lots of information on weight lifting and aerobic workouts on their website at

If you want information on the effects of an 18-wk weight-training program with energy expenditure and physical activity, plus data on body composition, sleeping metabolic rate, food intake and the energy cost of the weight-training program, you can find it at: Data compares running and cycling withchanges in body composition.

If you are interested in weight training designed with High School Students in mind, the BFS Program might be for you. It is designed to increase athletic performance;. make your athletes jump higher, run faster, throw farther, hit harder and be more explosive. In short, the BFS Program is perfect for any sport and for any athlete, male or female. Standing Long Jump and Dot Drill including standards are available in a set of four posters. The set includes the following: Men's Power and Strength, Women's Power and Strength, Men's Jumping and Speed and Women's Jumping and Speed.

Need information about children and exercise? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), strength training -- which includes lifting free weights, using weight machines, or doing exercises that use elastic tubing or one's own body weight for resistance -- can be safe

Need a strength training programs do much more than just pack pound after pound of new muscle onto your frame. They also help you burn fat more efficiently and improve your bone density. During your weight or strength training routine, you’ll not only burn 400 – 600 calories*, but also maintain a significant metabolism boost throughout the day. 24 Hour Fitness’ strength training programs are suitable for all levels of fitness and exercise experience.

Australian Free Weight Training Program to Build Muscles is a program using weight machines, elastic resistance, or hand-held weights can also do circuit training. The plan can be found at


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