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Weight Training During Menopause

Updated on August 26, 2012

Building Strengh Through Weight Training

Improve Physical Appearance & Performance
Improve Physical Appearance & Performance

How Weight Training Helps Women During Menopause

As we grow older, we tend to lose muscle. Using strength training is a vital part of maintaining our weight and keeping our muscles strong.

Muscles are important because when you exercise it helps burn calories and fat.

The goal is to lose fat and gain muscle especially when you’re going through menopause and we begin to hold onto weight due to our metabolism slowing down.

Weight training can help maintain healthy bone mass in which menopause can lead to a loss of bone density that can cause osteoporosis and bone fracture.

Strength training exercises keep your bones strong and reduce your chances of developing diseases during menopause.

Maintaining Your Weight Through Menopause With Weight Lifting

As we approach menopause our metabolism slows down which cause us to hold on to more weight and fat around the midsection. Weight training can be very beneficial around this time.

When you lift weights your body builds muscle and the more muscles you have the more calories you burn. The ending result is weight loss.

Women may think if they start lifting weights that they will bulk up like a man. You have to train like a bodybuilder in order for this to happen. Women do not have enough testerone in their body to bulk up like a man. When women lift weights they get rid of fat and replace it with healthy lean muscles.

How Do I Begin To Start A Weight Training Program?

If you don't know much about weight training I would sign up with a gym and work with a personal trainer. They can help you set up a program that best fit you. A Personal Trainer can educate you a lot on many things especially the prevention of injury during weight training, the types of weights and machines to use to get the results you want, nutrition and so on. It’s all about you, what you want, how you want to look and feel. They can help you reach that goal.

Once you have gain proper knowledge about weight training you can set up an exercise area in you home if you chose not to go to the gym. Purchase a few hand weights and equipment if needed. It all depends on what you're looking to get out of your workout, determines what you need.

In conclusion lifting weights are important for preventing muscle loss, whether you’re going through menopause or the aging process.


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