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Weight Watchers at Work

Updated on March 30, 2008

The current literature in employee benefits and employee retention indicates that employers are becoming increasingly committed to providing wellness programs and benefits for their employees.

Bringing Weight Watchers On Site

I've noticed a trend among local companies in my area. It's becoming increasingly popular for businesses to bring Weight Watchers programs on site, for employees who are interested in participating in the program. I've spoken with several people lately whose companies are either offering employer sponsored Weight Watchers classes at the office, or allowing employees to use company space to schedule their own after hours Weight Watchers groups.

If you're interested in bringing Weight Watchers to your workplace, you'll need to contact your local Weight Watchers office for information. You'll need to get together a minimum number of participants for the organization to bring the program to you. Once you have commitments from enough people, you can schedule a time and start your meetings.

Depending on your company's perspective toward offering Weight Watchers as a benefit, the participants may need to pay for the program themselves, or the company may fund part or all of it. Once local company that I have spoken with recently requires employees to pay in advance for the program, but then refunds half the cost to employees who complete the program with good attendance.

The people I've spoken with who are participating in Weight Watchers at work say that they find it very beneficial and motivating to go through the program with their co-workers. The people who are on the program together tend to eat lunch together, forming a built in support group to help each other stick to their diets.

Why Are Employees Emphasizing Wellness at Work?

There are several reasons for the increased employer commitment to the health and well being of employees. First, as competition for the best workers is becoming increasingly fierce, many employers are focusing on introducing innovative benefits programs to attract and keep the best employees.

Additionally, when employees are as healthy as possible, the company really benefits. Employees who get their weight under control have fewer serious health problems, on average, than those who are obese and/or are out of shape. Workers who are healthy tend to be more productive and experience fewer on-the-job injuries.

Having healthy employees can also have a positive impact on a company's health insurance premiums. No matter how you look at it, wellness programs at work, whether you're talking about on-site diet programs or installing fitness centers in the office, are a win-win arrangement for employees and employers alike.


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  • shailini profile image

    shailini 9 years ago from Bangalore, India

    I wish if every company in India takes care od their employees like this..