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Weight loss diets you should avoid

Updated on December 12, 2014

Weigh Loss

Before the holidays, people are tempted to go through a diet to look at their best for the New Year’s Eve and make room for the extra kilograms generated by excessive eating during this time. Nutritionists warn us that diets promoted by celebrities can be not only ineffective but also dangerous.

British Dietetic Association (BDA) makes a list at the end of the year of diets that were trending, being kept by celebrities and therefore having great media coverage, but which might have major negative effects on our health.

This year the list includes, besides many others, the “Paleolithic diet” which seems preferred by stars like Matthew McConaughey and Megan Fox.

Paleolitihc cook
Paleolitihc cook | Source


The Paleo-Diet as is also known by, is based on what is assumed our Paleolithic ancestors ate and includes avoiding some “modern” foods (by modern foods they mean ingredients passed to consumption after the primitive people have started agriculture, change which happened in Neolithic) like: cereal products (bread, pasta, etc.), vegetables, dairy.

BDA states that systematic avoidance of any dairy product can cause dangerous drops of calcium in the body and can cause bone degeneration. Plus, the Paleo-Diet involves a really big time investment and can lead to social isolation.

Bowl of powder clay
Bowl of powder clay | Source

Clay Diet

Another worrying diet, according to the BDA report is the “Clay Diet”: persons following this diet, eat a spoon of clay every day in the hopes that they will detoxify their bodies and lose weight.

According to the BDA, this diet will not make you lose weight and furthermore it can lead to serious health issues, sever constipation and arsenic poisoning.

Mark Bittman's Vegan before 6
Mark Bittman's Vegan before 6 | Source

Vegan Before Six

On the BDA list we also find the “Vegan Before Six” diet (allegedly preferred by singer Beyonce), which requires consuming only vegan food until 6pm. But the BDA experts say that eating vegan before 6pm will greatly increase the possibility that the person eats a lot more, later that night. Also, a vegan diet does not necessarily mean healthy nutrition. Eating different type of foods at different times of the day doesn’t matter according to the BDA experts, what matters for our health is that we have a nutritional balance.

The association also mentioned that they are against total exclusion of carbohydrates and sugars from the food, although some celebrities claim to have done it, actually that’s almost impossible. That would mean giving up fruits, vegetables, nuts which have an important role in a healthy diet.

Be healthy

People are always searching for miraculous method to lose weight, a method that will give them the silhouette of the celebrities they see on TV, magazines, or billboards, says Sian Porter spokesman for BDA.

“Trending” weight loss diets that some celebrities advertise are not the best methods to actually lose weight and can damage your health.


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