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Weight loss help guidelines

Updated on June 28, 2014

What is the natural (normal) weight for a person?

Someone is in a normal weight not when it weighs according to the different weight comparison tables, but when he/she feels good with the weight and when the weight of the person does not put at risk their health. When someone has this weight then maybe there is no need for a weight loss.

Let’s say that someone, either because it has a medical problem or simply because he/she does not like what they see in the mirror, decide to start a weight loss procedure. The decision to lose weight, at least in the first case (medical problem) should be taken with the help of a specialist and a doctor should supervise the treatment. The first question is: How much weight you can lose? To calculate this we must bear in mind that, like other physical characteristics (height, eye color and hair, etc.), so our weight in a largely hereditary. For most of us then, a look at our relatives will give us a good idea of how we can lose weight.

I do not eat anything and I cannot lose weight! What’s wrong?

Unfortunately there is no answer to this question that can cover all situations. The reasons are often quite different for each person. Hormonal disorders can cause sudden and seemingly inexplicable changes in our weight. Therefore, if for no specific reason you find a sharp increase or decrease in your weight, you should not delay the visit to your doctor and seek for weight loss help and advice.

Another reason responsible for the phenomenon “I do not eat anything but there is no weight loss for me” is that many people underestimate the food quantity they eat. In a survey carried out in America several years ago found that most people actually eat double quantities of food than what they say they are eating when they are asked.

You probably have read many times before in free weight loss information around, that to lose weight you should burn more calories than you take in food. One reason that makes the weight loss process more difficult is because when starting a diet we tend to cut physical activity, perhaps because of the tiredness that we feel from hunger. The reduction in activity offsets the food reduction and actually although we eat less, we cannot succeed in our weight loss efforts.

One reason that may lead to “unexplained” weight gain, or resistance to efforts to lose weight are multiple changes in the metabolic rate. After a period of strict weight loss diet the weight returns quickly, despite eating less food than before starting the diet. The explanation is that during a strict weight loss diet our body changes the metabolic rate to save energy, since it does not know whether the lack of food is voluntary (preparation for the beach!) or because simply we do not have enough food to eat! The best way to prevent the reduction of metabolic rate during and after the diet is exercise, especially exercise with weights helps keep up muscle mass of the body. Significant amount of muscular mass is lost along with fat in during a weight loss diet.

It is possible to lose weight selectively from a specific part of the body?

The answer here is probably negative. The reason that is probably negative (and not absolutely negative) is because, although there is no way to selectively lose fat from one part of the body, we can with proper exercise, to improve much the “problematic” areas condition. The “problematic” areas on our bodies are not the same for all: for women are mostly the buttocks and legs, while men in the abdomen and waist. Certainly the fat concentration in these areas is something disliked by men and women. People who have fat, concentrated mainly from the waist up, especially in the abdomen, are more likely to get cardiovascular disease than those who have concentrated fat from the waist down. Those who have a big belly must quickly get weight loss help and start a diet. The weight loss will cut the amount of fat throughout the body and of course in the abdomen, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

What is the best way to get weight loss help?

The answer to this question is not easy. Nearly all surveys show that all weight loss diets help in reducing the number of calories that we consume and this can have direct and often impressive results, but very small chance of success in the long-term. For serious cases of obesity, drugs that are being tested or surgical treatment may be able to help weight loss.

The only tested, perfectly healthy and almost guaranteed way to successfully keep up or lose weight is the physical activity combined with healthy eating habits. Have you ever seen overweight workers who do manual work? For those who do office work the only way to increase physical activity is through exercise, which should include aerobic exercises and exercises with weights. The problem with exercise is that it does not bring instant, impressive effects like a weight loss diet. To see the effects on weight, exercise should become part of your daily program. The first weeks will be difficult, but the good results will not take long to appear: weight loss, feeling of well-being, increased energy, better sleep and better physical health indicators. So prepare with the help of a specialist your fitness program, which can include aerobic fitness combination (walking, swimming or cycling, not running - to avoid injuries) and weights (moderate resistance - many iterations). Start slowly and gradually increase the duration and intensity of your effort.

Proper exercises can “tighten” the buttocks and legs can strengthen the abdomen and “slim” the waist, thereby improving the problematic areas appearance of the body. There is also the case that exercise will increase metabolism and give for better weight loss help. Do not expect however spectacular results with the exercise quickly. The weight loss help will be initially small, but it will be healthy and permanent, if you continue to exercise. If you stop, the extra weight will return. But before you start any exercise program, those who have chronic health problems and aged over 40 (men) and women over 50 should first consult their doctor.

Some foods or beverages can increase the metabolic rate

This is one of the weight loss myths. Unfortunately there are no such foods. But it is true that some foods rich in protein like red meat and dairy products help to increase muscle mass and ease the burning of calories. Also the increase in metabolism caused by a meal (food thermo genesis) appears to be slightly higher after a meal rich in protein. In conclusion, however, this small difference in metabolism may not substantially help weight loss.

The body of each person tries to keep up its «natural-specific» weight

Many specialists believe that every person has a metabolic rate that allows it to keep up a certain weight, regardless of the intake of calories. This explains that during dieting, often from a point onwards there is difficulty in weight loss or even reach the target body reacts and tries to return to its original ideal weight so supporting the theory known as «set point theory». Of course the above theory is a myth, especially when you think that if we take the body weight and care so to return to the «natural-specific» weight … But one thing is certain: the adoption of healthy eating habits and exercise in daily contribution to the acquisition and maintenance of ideal body weight. So do not leave yourself stuck in the extra pounds with this poor excuse.

Slimming pills can give weight loss help

These pills should be used under strict medical supervision. Their reception should be the last resort for obese people (BMI> 30) that while they have lost some pounds initially, they can no longer lose weight. Some of the pills reduce appetite and give a sense of completeness, while others alter the stomach function so that less fat entering the circulation.


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