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Weight loss in the technology age

Updated on September 6, 2016

Weight loss in the technology age

I have heard the complains about Pokémon Go. I have yet to hear anything good about it, so I've decided to write about some of the good things I've seen, yes, seen, about this game.

When I had an assignment in Oregon, to relax I would go sit by the park and people watch. Before Pokemon Go, there would only be a few people there. After Pokemon Go, there were quite a few kids there almost double the number as before. It helped that this was an historic landmark and therefore a Poke stop. Through my window, I would see the occasional jogger or a mom or two pushing a stroller but recently I've seen kids on bikes or skate boards, kids walking and talking. You can tell when someone is playing the game not only will their cell phone be in there hand but the several glances at it is the giveaway.

My daughter began playing, and even though she is the only one out of my two children playing, her brother goes out and walks with her. She watches for Pokémon, he watches for dogs, cars and other obstacles. Just for fun, I decided to join them, before we knew it we walked 3 miles, hatched a poke egg, I'm not quite sure what that is but it made my daughter happy, and spent some quality time together.

I've heard of the girl who got hit by a car and blamed the game. In her statement, in her own words, she states she put the phone down. She neglected to look for oncoming traffic. I really don't see how it is the game's fault if you don't use common sense. Never the less, this is why my son tags along with my daughter.

It is terribly shameful how this game manipulates kids of all ages to get off their butts and go outside, (sarcasm). For our family, our electric bill has gone down and since tagging along I have lost 10 pounds.

My warning to parents if you are concerned that your child doesn't have enough sense to be aware of their surroundings, then go with them. It is good exercise and they are share something they love with you. If going with them isn't convenient suggest they go with a group of friends.


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