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My chef Greg. Recipes to die for!

Updated on January 26, 2012

Main ingredient

What is the main ingredient in Greg's cooking that allows you to illuminate your taste buds and take your imagination to a whole another level. Love, patience, and a incredible amount of skill. These recipes will not only satisfy even the pickiest of eaters but provide you with a step by step guide to make even the impossible seem within reach. With video streaming via youtube updates are always within the grasp of your hands. So sit back and enjoy these amazing recipes that will leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

Tasty tuesday

We all know about potato wedges and what they taste like. Here you will find yourself indulging in more then just a recipes that makes KFC look like a distant thing in the past. With a step by step guide on how to make deep fried potato wedges that will taste even better as they look. So sit back and get your writing material ready for a amazing dish served by chef Greg himself.

Breakfast of the champions

Who says morning has to be just cereal and a glass of orange juice. Why not spice up the taste buds with another amazing great recipe that will leave you wanting more and more as you watch. Not only convenient but for moms that wish to add a quick and simple dish to their normal morning routine. Sausage and egg burrito will give you that edge to make anything possible with a simple step by step guide to add a fiesta to your morning dish.

Baked I think not

Everyone loves grandmas no bake cookies that leave you wondering how this amazingly delicious cookie came to be made. With chocolate no bake cookies this recipe is a simple delight that will leave your guest speechless when they put their taste buds to the test. No bakes are seen everywhere in retail stores but give yourself the satisfaction and gratitude to try this amazing cookie recipe as you leave your guest wanting more and more.

Buckey treat

Delicious buckeyes are a great delicacy that everyone must try or has tried at least once in their life. My chef Greg has given another great in the kitchen recipe that will keep this tradition going strong. With a step by step guide that makes baking a fun and delicious experience that you could enjoy with anyone in the family.

Ordinary.... I think not!

Everyone knows of the classic grilled cheese but this is no ordinary dish. From plain to perfection this recipe is a must have to add to your lunch menu. With bacon as a ingredient with garlic butter this dish is a must have to your cooking recipes.

Coming to an end..... :(

I do not want to give you all his recipes as you should follow my chef Greg on his youtube channel. If you liked what you have seen so far then his recipes are must have to add to your daily menu plan. With awesome detailed step by step guide, Greg makes cooking seem simple and fun. So I hope you enjoyed this presentation of an amazing chef and his cooking abilities.


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    • profile image

      My Chef Greg 6 years ago

      This is amazing! Thank you!


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