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Weight loss surgery the pros and cons

Updated on February 17, 2012
How weight loss surgery helped me
How weight loss surgery helped me | Source

What weight loss surgery can do for you

Two years ago I made the decision to have lap-band surgery and today I am 80lbs thinner. It was not easy but what it did do for me was give me back my life and get rid of my comorbidities that I had such as high blood pressure, chronic back pain, my asthma was out of control and I was just miserable. Every day I looked in the mirror I hated myself. So on December 14th 2009 I had weight loss surgery.

I must say that this road traveled has not been easy as I knew it wouldn't and why? Because I, like everyone else that is obese, has a love for food and did not know when to quit. My diet cosisted of two dunkin doughnut cinnamon rolls for breakfast, some junk food before lunch, a big fried hamburger for lunch, more chocolate in the afternoon, a big greasy dinner and some cake before bed. In the middle of the night I would get up and eat cereal, cookies, or whatever I could get my hands on.

Today my diet consist of an egg or protein shake for breakfast, some greek yogurt mid morning, some kind of protein for lunch or a salad, fruit in the afternoon and fish or chicken for dinner with a vegetable.

The pros of weight loss surgery is that it can give you the help you need to get the weight off and keep it off. It wont stop you from eating chocolate, cookies, ice cream, chips or dips, and if you eat right you can eat non stop all day. It won't make conscience food choices for you.

The cons are: They don't tell you about the bad things like food getting stuck and the pain and agony it causes, they don't tell you that if you don't eat right you will regain back the weight or not lose it at all, they don't tell you that if you have bypass surgery that you will gain the weight back if you go back to eating like you did before surgery. They also don't tell you that with the lap-band weight loss is slow and sometimes you won't lose for months. They don't tell you that you can become vitamin deficient and that your hair will fall out. They tell you it's not a diet but it is. You have to make the decision every single day of what your going to put in your mouth. If not you won't lose weight.

So would I do it again? You bet ya and without any hesitation. It has not been easy by any means.

If you have the bypass you will have to take supplements every single day for the rest of your life because your body can not absorb nutrients that you need. If you don't take them you can become severely anemic and need transfusions or even become paralyzed. Proper diet with the bypass is not enough.

You may also have to save for plastic surgery because of severely lose skin. I would tell any and everyone to have weight loss surgery because it saved my life and it can save yours too.

I was single when I had my surgery done and about six months out I met my husband who is the most awesome man ever. You don't have to suffer and most insurances cover the cost of surgery. If you don't have insurance, it could cost you as little as 5,000 dollars depending on who does the surgery.

Its a good investment and one risk worth taking. As with any surgery there are always risk but you can have issues from getting a toe operated on. If you ever need answers feel free to leave me a message.


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    • profile image

      Tammi 5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing such a personal experience. This can be right choice for the right people but only if they know all of the good AND bad aspects before making such a life altering decision.

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