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Bodybuilding without Weights – Get a Gymnast's Body

Updated on June 19, 2013

Weight training without weight

When comes the subject of bodybuilding,better to say mass building, more or less everyone advice you to join a gym and start weight training. It is sure that a scheduled, balance weight training routine with proper nutrition produces result. Result must be varied depending on body type and metabolic rate, life style, genetics etc. But there are some "if and but" before starting weight training. You need to go through a thorough medical check up before undertake a gym venture if you are quite a bit older, because free weight training is dangerous. It can raise blood pressure if a person has some cardiac problem that could be aggravated. Spondylitis patients should never go for weight training. Moreover, there is profound chance of accident with weight training if you are careless person.

So the ultimate and best way of mass building to keep oneself fit is to go with free hand or body weight based exercise. You don't need to go to gym or hire an instructor, no risk of accident. Here you get some idea of what those exercises that substitute the weight training.

Weightless exercises give result of weight training

There are any number of reasons why you would want to go weight training without weights. Sometimes, it's doctors orders. If you are shortsighted for instance, your retinas are already under risk of detachment. Lift very heavy weights, and you're going to build your blood pressure up so much for short periods of time that you risk detachment your retinas even more quickly. Or maybe it isn't convenient for you to visit the gym - whether for reasons of money or time. Or you're telling yourself that it's silly to go to a place and pay them good money just to be able to lift stuff. Couldn't you do that on your own?

As it would happen, you can. Your body gives you all the weight you need to lift. This and a plyometric exercise program together, should get you all the benefits of weight training. Without weights.

Stress is what makes muscle grow. To be more precise, your muscle tissue needs more stress than it's ever seen before. That's what makes it grow. You don't need any kind of metal plates on a bar to make this happen. You can use your body weight, and you can use momentum or gravity or anything else.

For instance, look at the kind of body that gymnasts have. They're very strong, make no mistake. But they never lift any weights. They lift their own bodies, that's quite enough for such perfect all-round development. They have the floor, they haven't been, they have bars - that the kind of equipment they used to use the way to their body to stretch their muscles. You could do a gymnasts workouts to.

What kind of exercises could you use to do this?

Know what the most stressful possible kind of exercise is that you could ever do? There was an article in the New York Times recently about this. Apparently, the most fearsome exercise in the world comes with quite a funny name - it's the burpee. It's the jump squat. Apparently, nothing on earth stresses your body like this. You need to do those frog jumps - about 25 of them - every day. Just watch what it does for you.

But you do need to be careful with this. It's very easy to land heavily on your haunches and completely damage your ligaments. You have to be very careful that you learn how to do this correctly; no hard landings.

There are lots of other exercises you could do too - step ups, lunges, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups - you are only limited by your imagination.

What is Burpee

Burpees! Is not it like "Burby doll" but a violent form of exercise.

Burpee does not require any equipment you can do it everywhere even in the prison cell too( just joking). It is true that it has a nasty reputation for being the most choice-able exercise for the prisoner. Burpee comprises a sequence of squat, push-ups and vertical jumps. It exhausts a people very soon. Today it is a best choice of exercise for people want to loose fat and also for athletes for their off season workout. It works on whole body from core muscle strength increase to cardio endurance boost up.

Here is how to do Burpees. Basically it is a six count movement starts from standing position. Then come in sequence....

1. Sit into a squat.
2. Kick your feet behind you so you're in a push-up position.
3. Lower your chest to the ground.
4. Press back up to complete the push up.
5. Pull your feet back in so you're in squat position.
6. Jump up in the air while clapping overhead.

Start doing burpee from a five repetition one set and gradually increase as much as you can. If possible do 100 Burpees in a single workout.

Why Burpee

Plyometric exercise - A short introduction

Plyometric exercise first introduced in former East Germany in the year 1970 when it was revealed under experiment that stretch-shortening cycle enhances the "myotactic reflex" and improves the power of muscle contraction.

Plyometric training consists dynamic resistance exercises that rapidly stretches muscle ( the eccentric phase) followed by rapidly shortening of the same muscle( concentric phase). These repeating stretch - shortening cycle gradually strengthen muscle, gives the capacity of explosive power and reduce the force of impact on joints.

Plyometric that is basically known as jump training originally designed for Olympic athletes but with time it got popular to people of all ages.

Plyometric exercises mimic the motion of sports events like basketball, volleyball, football,skiing boxing etc, therefore, often used as conditioning exercises for pro and amateur athletes. According to American College of Sports Medicine a properly designed custom routine of plyometric exercises also can be beneficial to aged as well as young chaps.

It is advisable for general people to consult doctors before undertake plyometric routine as there is also associated risk factors which includes injury to the joint ligaments, muscle cramps etc.

According to the American Council on Exercise, research studies have shown that plyometric training can lead to improvements in:

* Vertical jump performance
* Leg strength
* Muscle power
* Acceleration
* Balance
* Overall agility
* Bone density (especially in younger participants)

Plyometric workout

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