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Weightlifting Workouts Aren't Just about Lifting Weights

Updated on June 27, 2012

Why weight training?

Most of the so called bodybuilders and fitness trainers say if you want to be big go for weight training. It is true but partially. Muscle develops under resistance and that resistance may come from any source. I would say for rookie bodybuilder body-weight exercise is more demanding than weight training. Why? Because with weight training you may control the amount of load you are lifting but with body weight training you have to pull your whole body weight from start of your exercise.

Body response to exercise when you create demand to muscle to develop and yes it can be done very effectively by weight and demand can be created very efficiently to isolated muscle. Exercising with metal rods and plates are really result oriented provided you follow other disciplines in your life but as usual there is nothing that is absolutely best. Every best has its down side too. Similarly weight training too has its limitations.

Weight Training - Some Do and Don't

Weightlifting workouts are more popular today than ever before. 50% more people do these routines today than they did 20 years ago. And it's a good thing that are so many people out there who want better physique. There's an unpleasant side to all this fitness involvement though: weightlifting injuries are through the roof.

A lot of those injuries come from poor exercise form. But a lot of it also comes from mere carelessness. People forget that they are dealing with very heavy, unsecured blocks of steel, and injure themselves. If you're a fan of weightlifting workouts yourself, try to keep these little pointers in mind. You'll get a lot more out of your workouts when you're not injured.

You see it all the time when you visit any gym – there are all these inexperienced young people sitting at one or another weight machine and there slaving away. There are certain way they do it though. It's clear that they don't really know what they're doing. It looks aimless.

It's just lifting weights, you're saying. What is the aim anyway? Well, if you try looking at experienced bodybuilders doing their weightlifting workouts? It's clear that they're doing it a certain way and they understand what they're doing. That understanding is worth a lot. You need to concentrate. You need to focus. And for that, you need understand how exactly exercises that you doing help you build muscle.

There's another benefit to this too. When you learn about how your bodybuilding helps build muscle, you'll learn how to focus on your weak areas. This way, you come up with a much more well-rounded body.

Often, people do show up at the gym every day, but they don't really make full use of the time they spend there. They use the gym as a kind of socializing place. They hang around, they work out slowly, they take too much time between sets – you know the routine.

The gym isn't supposed to be some kind of place to relax. You're supposed to focus, and work out hard. Even if you barely have the time to catch your breath between sets, you still need to be raring to go. Not raring to let go and rest.

But there's a wrong time to be raring to go. The minute you walk into the gym, that's not when you should pick those weights. You need to warm up. More injury occurs due to rushed workouts on cold muscles than anything else. In fact, you need to spend more time warming up than you do at your weightlifting workouts. Do it the right way, and you'll have your adrenaline pumping, and all you joints will be well-lubricated.

Risk of exercise with free weight

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  • rodney80 profile image

    rodney80 5 years ago

    Certainly you can start weight training but if you are a new just ask some experienced one and you are above 30 yrs have a medical attention.

  • yeagerinvestments profile image

    yeagerinvestments 5 years ago from Wisconsin

    I am more of a runner but realize I need to be in the gym as well weight training.