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Welcome Advice

Updated on August 11, 2015

What Is This?

So, This is a blog which gives advice, talks about difficulties and occasionally I will answer some questions you leave in the comments below. This is for you. I'm doing it so you know that it is ok to talk about these things. I won't know everything that you ask me, but I will give the best answers to your questions the best I can!


I will answer questions and write very week. Although if I ready something that you may need urgently I will try to answer it as soon as I can. Just know that you can leave anything in the comments, I won't criticise you in anyway!

I will support you! Never disregard you!


It is perfectly safe. I am someone here to help you with your problems (if you have any) or questions that you don't feel comfortable sharing with anyone around you! If you would like you don't have to comment, but I am pretty sure you can give me a direct message if not follow me on Instagram then direct message me ( I'll tell you my account name after)

Instagram - Comments

Ok so my Instagram is rubymcintyre24

If you want to comment and don't have Instagram, but shy because you think people will be mean don't worry because I have to accept the comment to go on the blog. I won't accept any mean or any hatred comments. I promise I won't Judge either!

Question for next week

What advice or question

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Love You Guys



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