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West Nile Fever Symptoms.

Updated on July 29, 2011

What is West Nile?

Summer is a wonderful time of year for outdoor activities: Swimming, Canoeing, Camping, Water sports etc are just a few of them. Unfortunately with summer comes lots of outdoor bugs. One of the most dangerous bugs believe it or not is the mosquito. The mosquito has the ability to carry illness within one bite of the infected. They can affect animals not only humans. Not only can a mosquito in-fect an animal with heart worms, but also the West Nile as well. Humans are susceptible to West Nile, Dengue Fever, Malaria,Yellow fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, even the swine flu thru one mosquito bite. The West Nile along with the others listed is a virus. An illness that can get you extremely sick and even die if not treated. It is so important to know the warning signs of the West Nile and to seek medical help if you have any of the symptoms. West Nile statistics in your state is here.


Here is a list of the Symptoms of the West Nile.Please print this for your records: Stiff neck,Muscle weakness, Muscle ache, Body aches, Diarrhea, Swollen Lymph Glands,Skin rash,Vomiting,consistent headache, Lethargy, chest pains and fever. The infected can also have seizures, and even gone into a coma.

Just like tick and louse disease a sudden spike in fever is one of the first signs which goes on for approx 3-6 days, where it is followed by a dropped temperature and excessive sweating. Then the normal infected produces a rash on the trunk where most of the above listed follows. Since everyone is different on how their body reacts to the virus, some of the above symptoms might not occur, but the sudden fever is one of the first signs.

What to do if you are infected?

If you suspect any of the listed symptoms I would contact your psycian immediately. People have been known to die from this disease if not treated properly with medical attention. Dont just think you have the flu and stay home in bed. The West Nile virus is extremely dangerious and in quite a few cases deadly.

History of West Nile Virus?

In 1937 a women was infected with this virus in the West Nile. This is where the name originated. From then on- it showed up in Israel in 1957 where a big outbreak occurred. At that point the easily spread virus was recognized as version of severe meningitis which is an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. This is where the muscle weakness and muscle ache comes from. Once the virus was spread to Israel it continued to spread across all surrounding areas- where it has not only reached Africa, but Egypt, Europe and even North America.

How to protect yourself.

This question is very simple. The best way to protect yourself is to wear mosquito repellent, or basically not go out when it starts to get dark.If you don't like wearing Mosquito repellent; another way is to plant mosquito citronella plants in areas where you will be outside to help detour the pesky mosquitoes; and or use citronella candles. You can also use an outdoor Bug zapper this also works very well.

Protect yourself, and most important protect your family.

The facts!


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