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What affects you most in lifestyle changes

Updated on November 1, 2017
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Lifestyle changes affects everyone and it depends how you choose to cope with such changes.

Lifestyles and your experiences


Enjoy life each day

The choice you make is the path you chose to follow irrespective of what happens to you.

You can never be too sure of what makes you happy, or sad, and angry, or unhappy.

The times when you feel good are the moments you want to treasure, and move on with that other lifestyle you have made yours.

People are affected in different ways in their lifestyles.

Most people want to be silent about their issues and yet a few would choose to let out what is bothering them.

Off-course you want to feel good again and tell the ones you trust about your problems.

The visit to South Africa taught me a lot. I spent three months away from my adoptive country, husband and son, and was eager to go back home. I realized much more during this visit.

Everything and everyone I know from childhood have changed. I am not sure if it was them who changed, or is it I who had changed this much.

I missed my husband and son.

For me, there was no turning back when I made the decision to have a holiday with my family. Reuniting and reconnecting showed me how much I missed all these years. In this time, I found myself.

The person I missed a lot in my new lifestyle.

At times, I felt good and there were times when I felt the holiday was too long for me. Getting along with family again did make me feel like a stranger on certain moments.

I tried to ignore that part of my experience. I couldn't overlook it, because I know that I no longer live there and can only observe what I have lost sight of.

It is a holiday place for me and not a place that I would go back to and live permanently again.

Much has affected me while visiting family and it made me see how I should appreciate my lifestyle in Croatia. My heartfelt some disappointment but didn't let that put me down about anything I have achieved.

An experience just as other experiences are and have been in life as interesting and learning from each experience.

I traveled alone and felt great about my travels.

All the while, I thought of the other part of my family left behind in Croatia. I knew it would be hard but I had to make this trip.

Being back after seven years opened my eyes to another life. The kind of life I lost track of and had to relearn again.

I didn't expect anyone to put their lives on hold because of me, I wanted to be part my family and for them to hear what I have gone through for all those years not being with family.

The moments shared were happy and sad. Just being I again proved I can do what I choose to and with the good people too.

Almost two days of travel and not much sleep left me exhausted. On my arrival I was emotional after seeing my mother, I just cried.

It left me feeling better to have that moment and chat as mother and daughter once more.

I sensed that I will always be part of my family but in a different way.

They can only dream of the life I have now.

Getting to know everyone again, was difficult and challenging during my visit.

I am glad to have seen and met cousins, and to have met my nephews and a niece. It is these special times together that made me feel what I miss every day. Family times and chats are important to any lifestyle.

Some people are affected by the small issues while others are not affected by any issue.

Lifestyle changes are not easy to adapt to unless you think logically about that change.

The fourth visit to South Africa and on each visit I felt the same about my experiences.

The not so safe country anymore has delivered to me it's nature of living.

Lifestyles, when new and unique affect people with depression and loneliness.

When you make yourself isolated from the real world is how you end up living a negative lifestyle. You automatically grow away from people and fail to see what makes you happy.

The choice you make should be a smart one to grow with people and culture. It is never easy to choose your married life against your family members.

Having two different families makes you feel great about life but you need to focus o your happiness and independence as an adult.

Being in the same room with any person can be a good experience, and the time when you don't have that good experience is when you know it is time to leave that room.

Such as life is challenging and tricky one needs to do what they want and not what others want in their lives.

A new lifestyle occurs when you want to make that change willingly.

You can all be happy if you want to please other people, but that happiness lasts for that period. Your happiness is not from within.

Change is made every day and with everyone or anyone. You will be free and happy if you want to make the change in your lifestyle.

Think for yourself and be yourself.

Lifestyles are affected if you make it that issue.

How can you grow in your new lifestyle?

Do you think lifestyle changes can make you unhappy?

In need of the same goals does make life a competitive one.

The lifestyle you choose to adapt to can allow for a better health and a less stressful one too.

No person needs to go through a challenge they don't want to or didn't choose to.

Blame is harshly passed on to the other persona d forgiving that person is a tough decision.

Given the time I had to adjust and to grow into my new lifestyle, I learned to be positive and to be myself in all ways that matters to me.

I do what matters to me and feel good about the choices I made.

Change if you want to change!

The people I met and have kept as friends are the people I need in my life.

Remember, never change for anyone.

You are affected in the way you are forced to be affected.

For example:

If you are forced to make that change your life will be unhappy.

People who change their goals willingly don't mind their new lifestyles.

You can't change you to please others so do what you need for your own happiness.

Change is there but does it with an open mind.

You don't know where your next step will take you. Be patient and allow for some serious thinking before risking it all for some selfish idiot!

Listen and learn observe and take heed to what others have experienced. One often learns from the experiences of others, and what better way to see the world from the eyes of others and not only from your point of view.

Family life teaches you values and you pass those values to the new generation. Whatever happens is part of life in every way and step you have taken.

You can't change anything; instead do what is good for your lifestyle.

Different Experiences

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My life and a well-like Lifestyle

Life is just what you make of it!
Life is just what you make of it! | Source

© 2017 Devika Primić


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