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What Are The Signs Of An Alcoholic

Updated on August 13, 2013

So many people ask the question, " what are the signs of an alcoholic" and many people really don't know the answer and why is that? The reason they don't know the answer is because they are not one. They are not addicted to alcohol and wouldn't know the tell tale signs.

Judging by my experiences and of others I know that are addicted to alcohol, I just may be able to fill you in on some of the signs that I noticed about myself living with an addiction to alcohol.

  1. Telling yourself and others you do not have a drinking problem.
  2. Telling yourself and others that you can quit drinking anytime you want.
  3. Waking up and the first thing that comes to mind is when can you start drinking again.
  4. Sneaking out at lunch to the bar to get a couple of drinks in to tie you over till the end of work.
  5. Looking at the work clock to see how long you have till you can get a drink.
  6. Hiding your alcohol so that other can't see.
  7. Being embarrassed inside of your addiction to alcohol but still won't quit drinking.
  8. Continuously living in denial.
  9. Telling yourself and other that you really don't drink too much.
  10. You do not want to attend functions that are dry or no alcohol served.
  11. You drink alone often.
  12. You don't care about your life or others lives as long as you have your alcohol.
  13. You get upset when you can't drink do to being in a place that you can't drink.
  14. Counting to see how many beers you have left and make sure you have enough to hold you over till the end of the night.
  15. Putting your alcohol in front of everything including your family.
  16. Saying you are going to quit drinking alcohol , but never do because you can't.
  17. Using your alcohol addiction as your crutch.

Do any of the above ring a bell to you? These of course are my findings from my experiences drinking alcohol and maybe a couple of them may relate to you. If most of them ring a bell to you maybe you should sit down and take a hard look at your life and figure out how you should change your life and make it better.

Just food for thought for all those that drink alcohol, but feel as if they are not addicted to it.

© 2011 Mark Bruno


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    • profile image

      Leslie 6 years ago

      great and interesting post. I appreciate everyone's comments

    • Mary Schnibben profile image

      Mary Schnibben 6 years ago from Woodridge, IL

      Mark & Leslie -

      Thanks to both of you for your kind comments. (Sorry I didn't get back here sooner - I started a new job last week & gave myself the Sunday off from computer-viewing!;) I'm gonna love this site - I've seen so much helpful, supportive writing here so far! When I come up for air again later this week I'm sending out a Hub/ article...stay tuned!

    • profile image

      Leslie 6 years ago

      you have a great story Mary. thanks for sharing

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Mary, thank you so much for your comment and your kind words. I am so sorry about your marriage and with your ex husband and his drinking, but it is so great that he is clean and sober today and you both are still friends.

      just a shame he didn't get sober while you were married.

      Gog Bless you Mary and if you have any questions about this site feel freew to email and I will try to answer your questions.


    • Mary Schnibben profile image

      Mary Schnibben 6 years ago from Woodridge, IL

      Mark, my 'ex' was an alcoholic in denial for most of our 10-year marriage. By the time he had the episode that landed him in a mental hospital - where he finally got the help he needed - the abuse & craziness had taken its toll on me and we eventually divorced. Today, he's back at a decent job, is socializing again, and is sober for over 5 years. We're still friends and will always have each other's backs. It can be so difficult to recognize and confront those demons, so I congratulate you for having the courage and will to take back your life. Good luck and may God continue to heal and bless.

    • Guanta profile image

      Guanta 6 years ago from New York City

      What an excellent Hub, the clean life. Thank you for the great insight.


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