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What Are Different Stages Of Bad Acne

Updated on January 16, 2014

There Are Many Stages Of Bad Acne

Did you know that there are many different stages of acne. People have suffered for years with acne and dermatologists are still debating which are the best treatments. Each stage of acne may require a different approach in how it is treated. This is where a proper diagnoses is very important and indeed required if you are seeking prescription medication to solve the problem.

Still each case is based on the individual and skin type. Some people have oily skin and some have dry skin. Each requires it's own set of steps to contain and reduce acne flair ups. Mild forms of acne can be treated simply by using the correct products and changing a few eating habbits. Severe forms of acne and cysts are more difficult to treat and take longer for positive results.

At the bottom of the page I list which acne treatments have seen the best overall results and even though many may get upset, a controversial acne solution will be included. Now let's go over some specific acne stages and talk about a few ideas for treating your acne problems while trying to find a solution that will really work for you. Since people have varying skin types, identify your and then match it up with a solution from one of the products listed. If you can't find a match, let us know or present your information for others to see.


Stages Of Acne

There are several stages of acne ranging from mild to very severe. This breakdown can help you understand which stage applies to you and what you may need to do for treatment.

First Stage

You notice bumps on your skin and some redness. You see blackeads and small pimples which are mildy inflamed. Regular use of soap and some over the counter aids such as benzoil peroxide will work.

Second Stage

You notice what are called papules. Where the skin is raised in a small area but not enough to cause major concern. Over the counter acne medications will still work at this stage.

Third Stage

You notice pustules (puss pockets) and the irritations are getting larger. More redness and some mild pain associated with the infected area. At this point making an appointment with a dermatologist is a good idea.

Fourth Stage

Once cysts start appearing and you get painful nodules which cannot be expired, it is time for more drastic measures from the dermatologist. New medications for severe acne are being discovered regularily. Your doctor will prescribe whatever treatment is available at this time.


What Causes Acne Breakouts?

First a term you may have heard of. Acne Vulgaris, This is how medical professionals describe what is in most cases regular acne problems. Although the name may sound scary, the truth is, it means common. If you hear this term, you now understand that it is just a simple description of normal acne.


In many acne cases, the problem was handed down gentically from the parents or other close family members. In mild acne cases this is just part of growing up and reaching puberty and then adulthood. In severe cases this gene is also passed down from the parents and most children can expect to have the same level of acne as previous members of the family.

Clogged Pores

This is a major contributor to acne breakouts and skin problems. When pores become filled with makeup, dead skin and sebum, the skin cannot breath and infections begin. Clogged pores will breed bacteria and create puss beneath the skin surface. Make sure to always wash and keep your pores as clean and healthy as possible.

Hormonal Inbalance

This is common when young children go through puberty or other body changes. Stress and constant worrying can also cause hormonal changes which may lead to acne. Some say in times of high stress, drink more water to hydrate and help flush your system.

Poor Diet

Lots of the food adults and teens eat now days does not contain the proper amount of vitamins our body needs to stay healthy. These vitamins help sustain our bodies and fight off disease. Zinc and vitamins A and E are important for maintaining healthy skin.

Over The Counter Medications


This acne solution is backed by many celebrities and has won several awards over the past 5-10 years. Seems to be a mixed bag of reviews on this as it works for some and doesnt for others. Like most over the counter acne products, they work just well enough to get you to buy more.

Natures Cure

These are homeopathic natural acne pills. Apparently they correct hormonal inbalances while stimulating the body's defences to fight off acne causing agents. Less likelyhood of side affects while consuming them. Once again, give it a try if it seems affordable. Other then that most homeopathic drugs have proven to work in select circumstances.


Most people who have acne have used this product at one point or another. This works well for daily maintenance but will not fight off severe acne problems. This is designed to help prevent breakouts for people with mild acne.

Clinique Acne Solutions

Another acne product which will help those who have mild to average acne problems. Reviews look pretty good but this skincare product will cost enough for whoever buys it to want to write a positive review. Great for mild acne sufferers but not meant for bad acne or severe acne breakouts.

Accutane Testimonial

Treatments And Solutions

There are many acne treatments which could be listed here but that would be a dis-service to those who have come here for legitimate information on acne fighting products and to learn the different stages of acne. A few winners I would like to mention.


There are those who would find the inclusion of this acne drug as offensive. Some people have experienced problems while on Accutane as a acne fighter. I can tell you from my own experience back in the 90's, this was the closest I came to being acne free. Hard to get and you need a prescription. This is very good for those who suffer from one of the most severe stages of acne which includes cysts.

Clear Skin Max

This is one of those hybrid type acne products. It is based on all natural ingredients but also contains elements which have been proven to fight off acne even in hard cases. Comes with a guarantee and is available without a prescription online.

Photodynamic Therapy

A medical procedure which involves using a topical cream and the being exposed to blue or red led lights. The thought is these acne treatments shrink the oil glands to help eliminate cysts and large postules. Very pricy but the results look promising, ask your dermatologist about it. I know you think this sounds crazy but it's worth a look.

Brief Summary

I have to admit, I even learned a few things while writing this article. Even though I could provide a more comprehensive list of all the stages of acne, I have condensed them because many are repetitive and include the same symptoms. If you have taken the time to read this information I appreciate it. Hopefully the different stages of acne is a little easier to understand including each potential solution for the problem. If you have treatments you have used and had success, please leave a comment and include any information you would like.


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