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What Causes Snoring? Do you snore a lot - Know why?

Updated on November 3, 2016

Snoring Causes


Is snoring a problem at your home? All of us snore…but it may not be termed as ‘noise’. Snoring is disturbing when it is noisy or loud and can cause disturbance to the sleep of the other person. Those who face the problem related to snoring often try to find out the causes of snoring. It is important that you know about its cause so that you can prevent it.

The causes of snoring can be broadly divided in two categories. There are causes that can be controlled and some which are not within our control. But!! Results have shown that with little dedication, patience and cooperation of family members, snoring can be got rid of.

Do you snore because you are a male?

The first cause of snoring is quite interesting. Well!! It says that you are a male…and so you snore. Studies reveal that male usually snore more because their air passage is slightly narrower than women. You can’t really do anything about this cause…as it is not in your hands. Heredity is also a cause of snoring in families. If you snore, try to find out who used to snore in your family…your grandparents, parents or great grandparents?

How To Stop Storing Fast

Is it in your genes?

It must be running in your genes. It may also happen that you have a narrow throat or some other heredity reasons such as cleft palate, which is the cause of your snoring.

Age Factors

It has also been found that elderly people snore more. Studies reveal that as we age our throats become narrow and our throat muscles tone down. This causes snoring as we start aging. You can not do anything about this too. There are some diseases that can cause snoring as they are known to block the air passageway. If you are suffering from asthma, cold, sinus or any kind of nasal infection your chances of snoring increases to a large extent.



But there are several other reasons of snoring that can be easily controlled. Obesity or overweight can be the reason for your snoring. If there is too much fat accumulation in your body, it causes poor muscle tone. This causes snoring while you are asleep.

Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking is another bad habit that leads to snoring. Smoking (with its other ill effects) makes you snore loudly, as your air passages are blocked, as they are congested due to smoke. This is very much controllable. Just QUIT smoking! Alcohol consumption in excess, too much fatty and rich food consumption just before going to bed leads you to snore.



Certain medications, such as tranquilizers can be the cause of noisy snoring. These medications are known to relax your muscles to a great extent causing congestion, leading to snoring. Last, but not the least…try to change your sleeping posture. If you are regularly snoring, you must be lying flat on your back. Just change the posture. Such a posture blocks the air passage and emits a sound in the form of snoring when you are asleep.

We need to remember that whatever the cause maybe, snoring is not incurable. There are several ways to stop snoring. You just need to know what is to be done to stop snoring.


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