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What Difference Does It Make? Part Of The Lingo Now?

Updated on December 29, 2013

The question will be answered for you concerning health care when Obamacare comes home to roost for you with full force. Hillary Clinton used the term carelessly when she referred to the four (4) Americans who lost their lives due in pat to her negligence. People have died around the Clinton's their entire miserable political careers so "what difference does it make?" As long as they maintain power so what? That extends to health care now. The Democrats created one of the biggest political/economic train wrecks the nation has ever witnessed. Those seeking reelection are now running like a scalded dog from it but they won't be able to outrun the economic devastation they have created.

On the opposite side of the coin we have 2014 and the Republicans. They will now be forced to deal with it this coming year. Some of the better ones felt that it should have been dealt with before the infamous roll out. They were absolutely correct then and now. It should never have been funded but such is the case with many federal government laws.

If like your plan you can keep your plan, your doctor and your rubber duckies because Obamie said you could.

Once Again For Those Who Say The Liar Of The Year Never Said What He Said

So how did all of this come tumbling down on our heads? If you haven't felt it yet you will. Rest assure yourself of that even though your adult daughter gets to remain on your policy until she is 26. In fact, what we are about to really find out is that the majority of the people who have signed up for Obamacare so far are Medicaid seekers. Ironic huh? Just watch and remember that I just said that.

In 2009 and 2010 Obama and his party of misfits were given a majority of this nation's government. Never a good idea to give one party the entire deck to play with. They took our health care system where 85% of the people "had" health insurance and turned it inside out. Why anyone would be stupid enough to do that, besides party ideologues, is beyond me. What an idiotically stupid way to solve the problem of the 15%. Besides it will be tremendously expensive on the rest of the people which you are about to also witness.

Pure ideologues are screaming at the top of their voices that "we can't look back. It's the law of the land" and so forth and so on. I reckon King George III was hollering the likes of that too. Other career pick pockets are running like hell from Obamacare acting like they had nothing to do with it. Those would be your Democratic representatives fellow citizens because the ink is still wet on their hands from passing a bill none of them read.

According to the very people who set this mouse trap in the first place the only course both political parties can take is to "fix" Obamacare. Guess what? We moved well beyond that point long ago.

The argument goes now that what they designed is so complex and ingrained in the vast bureaucratic morass that we just can't repeal it and invent a better mouse trap. The longer we go along the louder that argument seems to be heard. Millions of Americans are already learning that Obamacare is much different than the lies that Obama fed us. It is resulting in higher premiums and deductibles. Wasn't that supposed to be the other way around? The doctor networks are narrowing with some doctors just flat quitting the practice and others refusing to ally themselves with Obamacare. So much for keeping your doctor.

The choices of prescription drugs are being restricted. Oh you haven't heard that one? You will. But I'm sure you heard about the deal with big pharma that Obama struck before the law was passed? You did hear about that didn't you? Or were you watching Dancing With The Stars again?

All of those millions of cancelled policies we already know about out weigh the number of current enrollments in Obamacare. I know you liberals aren't real strong in the math department but the truth is still the truth. So speaking of that, why do you think Obama delayed the employer mandate? Worse isn't about to get better as it will be even worse as employers, both large and small, have to make those tough economic decisions that are part of the world of business. How much is too much for the American public to take is my question?

As things get worse the Democratic screaming will intensive and their finger pointing will become as hysterical as Nancy Pelosi is on a good day. They are already condemning Republicans who see Obamacare as beyond repair. it is well beyond that point. Tell me that you don't already see this happening. These rigid ideologues, who see party first and the citizens last, are not backing down in their praise of the very fiasco of a law they passed without one Republican vote, not one. They caused this trouble but the blame lies with the GOP. Really?

Liberal Logic When Comparing Apples To Oranges

This leads us to the RINOs of the GOP. They are of the ilk that whatever it takes to keep warming those seat cushions is what they will do. Liberals in sheep's clothing sort of characters. Talk about weird logic. They didn't create any of this and don't need to cave in at all. But the worse it gets the more they want to begin to cave. One real Republican thinker said, " this point, it’s gotten so bad that as much as you don’t want to fix Obamacare, you just can’t let the impact of this happen.” It is already happening genius and Obama keeps making it worse with his unilateral this, that and the others so leave it alone and watch it collapse as predicted.

The nature of partisan politics is simple. The more fixes the Democrats get them to buy into the less likely it will be that the Democrats stop building that wall higher against repealing the worst idea ever created in our political lives. You don't matter in the least. This is all suddenly about them.

The Republicans, if they are wise which usually they aren't, will rally around crafting a final product to replace Obamacare rather than the infighting we are seeing. The Democrats are already feasting on their young so leave them to that device and govern wisely.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Nancy Pelosi extolling the virtues of Obamacare, “It’s worth the trouble, it’s going to be a glorious thing.”

It is truly amazing that people in her district keep voting for her.

Vote It," "Like" It, "Tweet" It, "Pin " It, "Share It" With Your Followers. Time to let em read it and keep reading it.

As Always,

The Frog Prince


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    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      I still believe that sometime in the near future this administration will propose changing to a single-payer system to fix the mess created by Obamacare. That is exactly what they wanted in the first place.

      The good news with this system is that by the time you get in to see a doctor you have either already healed up, or you died while waiting.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      It is a matter of time before we are all left without our freedoms we take so lightly.

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      Disgusted? What is disgusting is how those people who voted for Obama are not outraged at how the Democrat Party has duped them! You'd think that eventually they would stop lying to themselves and accept that reality. Conservatives were the first to criticize Bush on his spending (of course liberals never attack anyone on spending - more is good to them) but today's Democrats are truly intellectually dishonest and that is probably the main thing that holds them together and keeps them supporting a pathological LIAR as their leader.

      Jim you are so right, the nation is their experimental playground and as long as they are in power we will be like ants under a magnifying glass's beam. Josef Mengele would be proud of them were he a politician. Democrats, where is your outrage? You are no better than the millions of Muslim's who will never speak out against Islamic terrorism and yet claim that they are a peaceful religion.

      BPOP - let's pray it is just the beginning, the beginning of The End...and that's all folks!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 4 years ago

      Just think, this is only the beginning......

    • FitnezzJim profile image

      FitnezzJim 4 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

      Wow, JackieLynnley's story makes you wonder if behavioral scientists have extended their 'mouse in a cage with no exit' to people at a national level.

      Actually, it might help us to understand things better if we think of our politicians as the grown up version of the sort of children that would try to spotlight ants with a magnifying glass.

      Is anybody else flat out disgusted?

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 4 years ago from https:// online/ hubpages. html

      Sounds like your experience was the "progressive's" version of "Who's on first?" Instead of Abbot and Costello it's compliments of Sebeliuot and Obamo.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I have made my call and believe me it was a nightmare. The person I talked to knew nothing and had to keep putting me on hold to ask someone and then after about an hour of this he said someone would have to call me back who would have the answers to my questions in 3 to 5 business days. No one called me back. Ten days later I called them back and they had no record I had ever called. (Hm) They took my info and tried to help me but could not get into the system so said call the next day, two days short of the deadline. Next day I called back and they could not get into the system but wanted me to get online and get into it....well I did try and I got so far and then I could go no further because I had to have my identity verified so I called a number to do that with a code number and they of course could not verify me apparently because the system was down so I had to call back the first people I talked to to have a manual I did and a lady answered I could not understand and all I got out of it was to call back the identity verification place again (I swear this is as it happened!) So I called back the first one and told her about the lady not helping me and just demanding I call them back and so she said well you call them back and if no one will help you tell them you want a supervised conference I called back and someone did talk to me then and I got it my satisfaction...? Of course not. I would like to hear about anyone satisfied with this nightmare that has been force on the American people when all they had to do was put the uninsured (Americans) on Medicaid.

    • profile image

      Stu 4 years ago

      No question this is a nightmare. Premium hikes in some States are so high that even reasonably well off families cannot afford to insure. Lower income people might be able to afford the policies with the PPACA premium discounts, but the lower cost Bronze plans do not qualify for the discounts, so the answer here really isn't clear. Early polling indicates that many young, healthy people are going to opt out. The combination of optout, business, and middle class premium loads may fund the discounts for the lower income group, but the anticipated funding to cover Obamacare's flat rated plans containing sick and elderly people, and people with preexisting conditions, simply won't be there. Only the healthy lives can fund these high cost insureds at flat rates. That means Obamacare premiums are going to go up significantly, or fee caps are going to go way down, or both. Either of these solutions will drive more healthy lives to opt out, causing further premium hikes and fee cap reductions. An assessment spiral will result where ultimately most covered by Obamacare are poor risks, and eventually premiums will be so high and fee caps so low that even the sick and elderly will wonder whether being covered is worth it. At that point the whole system collapses, and essentially nobody has coverage.

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 4 years ago

      We can only hope the government doesn't try to overhaul the Auto and Home insurance business.

      To my knowledge, every state now requires a basic minimum liability policy for all drivers. Yet some refuse to buy this basic coverage so most of us pay extra on our policies to cover uninsured drivers. Not much different than 85% or us paying more for health insurance coverage to provide insurance for the 15% who were not covered. So this is a mandatory insurance requirement.

      If we have a mortgage on our homes, the mortgage lender demands a policy that will cover full replacement cost of the structures. Try cancelling your home insurance policy and your lender can call the balance of the loan due and payable immediately. So this is also a mandatory insurance requirement.

      Now we have Obamacare to add to our list of mandatory insurance requirements. I have never done the math, but wonder what percentage of my annual income goes for mandatory insurance? Add this cost to all the taxes we pay, and it is amazing there is anything left to use for food and essentials.