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What Do You Know About Cayenne Pepper

Updated on June 28, 2013
What Do You Know About Cayenne Pepper
What Do You Know About Cayenne Pepper | Source
Nicholas Culpeper spent the greater part of his life in the English outdoors cataloging hundreds of medicinal herbs. He did more research about herbal medicine than almost any one else ever.
Nicholas Culpeper spent the greater part of his life in the English outdoors cataloging hundreds of medicinal herbs. He did more research about herbal medicine than almost any one else ever.

All About Cayenne Pepper

The Cayenne Pepper is a pepper used for flavoring foods and for medicinal purposes. The Cayenne Pepper is in the Nightshade Family. The Cayenne Peppers are most often dried and then ground into ground cayenne pepper. The Cayenne Pepper was originally named for the French city of Cayenne in French Guiana. It was once native only to that area but the cayenne pepper is now grown all over the world.

Cayenne Pepper is used in cooking spicy foods like Gumbo and in some parts of the world it is ground and served as a herbal spice or mixed with vinegar to make delicious hot sauces. Nicholas Culpeper in the 17th century was one of the first people to discover the medicinal properties of cayenne pepper.

Since then many people have done research into cayenne pepper and they have discovered many medicinal uses for cayenne pepper. It has recently been discovered by researchers that cayenne pepper and the ingredients it contains can kill active cancer cells in the human body.

Cayenne Pepper is now grown all over the world and it takes about 100 days for the plant to bloom and produce cayenne peppers. The plants grow from three to four feet tall and if planted in rich soil about three feet apart the plants can produce an abundance of peppers and will continue to produce until frost as long as the mature peppers are kept picked off. If you leave the green peppers on the plant they will eventually turn red like the cayenne pepper in the picture above.

You can grow your own cayenne peppers but use care when you pick and touch the peppers that you don't touch your hands or fingers to your face or you will get the peppers into your eyes and your eyes will start burning. The hottest part of the pepper is the seeds.

Cayenne Peppers are used to add spicy flavor to a lot of cooked dishes and your favorite Buffalo Wing Sauce probably contains cayenne peppers. There are many uses for cayenne peppers and new medicinal uses are being discovered almost every day.

What Do You Know About Cayenne Pepper

Nutrition Facts About Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper contains huge amounts of Vitamin A. It also contains Vitamin B, C, and E. It is also rich in potassium and magnesium. You will find capsules of Cayenne Pepper being sold in your local health food store and you are told it is good for your blood circulation.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

You will hear claims made that cayenne pepper can do everything from cure cancer to stop a heart attack. Recent research has proved that cayenne pepper does kill cancer cells in the prostrate and lungs. There are so many claims of heath benefits from cayenne pepper that its hard to believe that cayenne pepper could be this good for you.

Cayenne Pepper speeds up the bodies metabolism and gives you more energy. It has also been determined that if you include cayenne pepper in your regular diet that you will lose weight. The easiest way to include cayenne pepper in your regular diet is to take capsules from your local health food store containing cayenne pepper. You want to be sure to read the label on the cayenne pepper capsules you purchase. You want cayenne pepper capsules with out fillers or additives. You want your cayenne pepper capsules to be as natural as possible.

Cayenne Pepper has been used by people around the world for hundreds if not thousands of years to treat high blood pressure and to thin blood. Research has proven that cayenne pepper can rid the human body of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. And when you consider the fact that heart disease is the number one killer of people in America this is significant.

It has been said by Chinese Herbalists that if you think your having a heart attack to drink a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a glass of water and it will stop the heart attack. Many people all over the world consider cayenne pepper to be the true miracle herb. Every year over 700.000 people a year die of strokes in the United States and another 500.000 die of heart attacks and the cure may be as close as your local health food store.

Cayenne Pepper is also a great anti-fungal and it is also used to treat allergies, muscle cramps and believe it or not but it is one of the best treatments available for indigestion. It is also known to help with the healing of wounds and it helps prevent scars from occurring.

Cayenne Pepper Is An excellent Care For The Common Cold

You won't find anything much better for curing the symptoms of the common cold. You want to mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and a teaspoon of honey and mix it up together very well. Drink several glasses a day on the first day you feel yourself coming down with a cold and the cold symptoms will quickly go away. You can if you wish also add slippery elm to your cayenne cold drink. This drink is also great for sore throats and coughs.

Cayenne Pepper is being used in the marinade for the chicken in the above photo.
Cayenne Pepper is being used in the marinade for the chicken in the above photo. | Source

Medicinal Uses For Cayenne Pepper

Capsicum which is an ingredient in cayenne peppers is being studied for the possible use as a cure for snake bite. It is known that cayenne pepper is excellent for vascular diseases and it will help to prevent strokes. If you know that you are prone to strokes or you have had a stroke before you should take cayenne capsules on a regular basis to prevent any further strokes.

Capsicum is great for the treatment of blood clots. In clinical studies it has been observed that capsicum breaks up blood clots and prevents any new blood clots from forming. For sores and wounds cayenne pepper makes a great poultice and it helps wounds to heal and heal faster.

if you try it you will find that cayenne pepper is a excellent cure for the common cold and will get rid of common cold symptoms quickly. You will want to mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of water and drink up to three glasses a day to quickly get rid of cold symptoms. It is also a wonderful drink to prevent and lessen the symptoms of allergies especially hay fever.

A Tonic Made From Cayenne Pepper

A general tonic made from a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of cinnamon is very good for you and it will give you more energy and make you feel much better. If you drink a glass of this tonic for 7 days in a row you will find yourself feeling much healthier and you will have a lot more energy. This has been made and used in India and China for thousands of years.

You can mix equal amounts of cayenne pepper with aloe vera juice and apply it to sore muscles or sore feet to bring almost instant relief. If you gargle with a gargle made from a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and a glass of water it will bring almost instant relief from sore throat. If you want to you can add a teaspoon of honey and it will be soothing and will work even better. Honey is a natural antibiotic.

Please be advised that you should discuss the use of any herb or herbal care with your doctor before you make use of it. However continued research into herbal substances like cayenne pepper are proving that there may in fact be many medicinal uses for herbs like cayenne pepper. Just do your own research and be sure of what you are doing.

I want to thank you for reading my Hub Page on Cayenne Pepper and I hope you will post a comment below and let me know what you think. I hope you have a nice day and good luck with your research into cayenne pepper.

Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages for over four years and he enjoys writing on various subjects. Be sure to check out more of his Hub Pages.
Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost has been writing at Hub Pages for over four years and he enjoys writing on various subjects. Be sure to check out more of his Hub Pages. | Source

What Do You Think Of Cayenne Pepper As A Herbal Remedy. Please Post Your Comments Now. And Thanks For Reading.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I've used Cayenne for years and I think it is the single best healing substance, ever. I started by using it to cure canker sores in the mouth by taking capsules of cayenne 3 times a day at the onset of a sore. It not only reduced the severity of the pain, it also greatly shortened the healing time. In addition, I've been using it to quickly cure colds. As soon as I feel a cold coming on, I begin drinking herb tea with a good pinch of cayenne mixed in, 3 or 4 times a day and I take the capsules 3 times a day in addition. I've so far been able to stop a cold in it's tracks every time by doing this. It is truly amazing stuff.

    • pandula77 profile image

      Dr Pandula 

      6 years ago from Norway

      Thanks for sharing these facts. Never thought about it earlier although the pepper was used..... voted up!

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 

      6 years ago from Southern Clime

      Wow! I have never used cayenne pepper as a remedy for anything, but I have used in in many recipes. My mom used black pepper and salt in warm water to get instant relief for a sore, itchy throat. She was pleased. I imagine that cayenne would work better. I will try it and some of the other remedies mentioned.

      Thanks for such great information.

    • weestro profile image

      Pete Fanning 

      6 years ago from Virginia

      Wow, who knew? love these peppers so it's good to know that it has benefits! Voted up and awesome!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I knew that cayenne pepper was good for one but never knew all of this information like using it for sore throats, etc. Up votes and definitely SHARING. Thanks! Going to start using more of this spice!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I tried the cayenne pepper,lemon juice,&organic maple syrup and it healed my sore throat immediately.....

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Interesting article. I love the home remedies!

    • JohnM profile image


      7 years ago from Miami Florida

      I never knew that Cayenne Pepper could do all those things for you. I'm going to have to keep this Hub Page in mind.


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