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Foods That Build Muscle Bulk

Updated on July 10, 2011

Food That Build Muscle Bulk

Eat to Build Muscle Bulk
Eat to Build Muscle Bulk

Foods to Eat That Build Muscle Bulk

Proper nutrition is an integral of a fitness program designed to build muscle bulkā€¦but do you know the foods that build muscle in order to achieve your desired results? Do you know the proportion that the various nutrients should be consumed in order to get your to your goals? Here is a sample list of great foods to choose from that provide the right type and amount of protein (20% to 25%), carbohydrates (65%), and healthy fats (10% to 15%) based on the recommended daily allowance. (No, the percentages don't change when you are building muscle. The difference is in the number of calories you consume.)

Remember, it's always best to get the correct portions of the nutrients you need directly from the food you eat. Supplements work but are artificially manufactured in the majority of instances and remember the old song, "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby."

To build muscle bulk, fill your diet with these delicious options just to name a few.

  • Proteins - stick with egg whites, chicken, turkey, beans, fish such as salmon and tuna. Even buffalo and venison are great protein providers due to the leanness of the meat
  • Carbs - green vegetables, (broccoli, spinach, asparagus, turnip greens), sweet potatoes, whole grain breads, pasta, brown rice, and tomatoes
  • Good fats - nuts, (almonds, pecans, and peanuts), avacodos, canola oil, olive oil

Keep in mind, these examples work when they aren't covered in dressings, butter, and other toppings. Plus, to avoid the extras that you don't want in your food such as preservatives, salt, chemicals, etc., stick with your organic versions.

Include this list of options with you when go shopping. They are great ideas for foods that build muscle and provide some of the best examples of what to eat to build muscle bulk.

More great information about what foods to eat to build muscle bulk and delicious recipes are available through a body building program that helped me to build muscle fast.

I was a skinny guy with absolutely no muscle, but gained over 40 pounds of muscle in less than 6 months. It's all about nutrition and exercise but there is too much information to put in this article. The rest of my story can be found

Of course this program is only for people who are serious about adding some real muscle to their bodies. Visit build muscle bulk to learn more information. Good luck in your training!

Foods That Build Muscle - Nutrition For Skinny Guys to Build Muscle Bulk

Foods That Build Muscle - What Role Do They Play in Your Attempt to Build Muscle Bulk?

How important is the role nutrition plays in your attempts to build muscle bulk

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Foods That Build Muscle - What Additions Can You Make to the List

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    • JoChris26 profile image

      JoChris26 8 years ago


      On the contrary, you can still bulk up...even as a vegetarian. You just need to find other sources of protein. Protein powder supplements help. Also, try legumes, nuts & seeds, dairy like milk and eggs, (if your diet allows for it), soybeans, and tofu (excellent red meat alternative).

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks for breaking it down so it's really easy to understand. I guess I get two of the groups - fats and carbs - but I guess being a vegetarian doesn't mean I'll bulk up anytime soon :)