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What Happens at Fifteen Determines Sexual Spontaneity MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

Updated on October 3, 2010
Removing the Veil
Removing the Veil | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology: Exhuming the Psychological Rubies Found in the Astrological 7th House

Fifteen, an eagerly auspicious yet confusing time in a person’s life brings with it many virulent changes of moods which directly affect one’s personality for his/her entire lifetime.

During the period of exactly three months before one turns fifteen, until three months after the sixteenth birthday, a turbulent trial of exasperating emotions, associated with various pin-pointed relationships, (some of those quite secret and never expressed) will affect the personality defiantly.

Whatever major event occurs during this most volatile period plant the seeds of sexual discontent, upheaval or addiction in reaping for the fifteen years to follow.

In the case of natal astrology, this eighteen month frustrating period falls directly in the seventh ‘house of relationships’. In MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology, the period brings forth the relevant resurfacing of ‘attachment’ issues dealt with in the time frame (4-5) pre-school years; which will again arise during an eighteen month period surrounding the age of 42.

Also, the dread and thought of death (no control) is most entertained as equated with one’s personal ego (dissolving away).

Most of what occurs at this time in the mind of the young adult displeases him/her tremendously and seems completely devoid of any worthy merit or real satisfaction. Though a time of gaiety, flattery and robust enthusiasm, these young adults feel so totally disgusted and filled with revulsion at the idea of continued empty praise.

It’s certainly a time of self-misunderstanding and relational perplexity, serving as the foundation of double mindedness in these young adults.

Another immediate revolving door of inconsistent subject of debate is that of contrary moods of powerful, unlimited exaggerated self-assertiveness. The contradictory door swings far and wide without as much as a platform to stand upon when trying to communicate unexpressed emotion.

It is at this crucial time when sexuality plays an undeniable pivotal point of ‘no return’. Since “Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind, is it any wonder why during this underscored period in a person’s life seems to be so ethereal?

At fifteen, one feels split directly down the middle with thoughts of megalomania at the very same instant of feeling and producing thoughts of downcast inferiority. Seeking for the unstated compromise seems to take an enormous toll on the individual with bouts of depression, anger and unsettled rebellion.

Because at fifteen, one tends to judge himself way too harshly and gauge his moods momentarily based upon his distorted judgment of himself, he forms unnatural inhibitions resulting from the contrary impulses. On one hand he wants to let ‘all hell breaks loose’ on the other he feels ashamed for such belligerent display of attitude.

Pleasure is a big deal during this phase! ‘Natural and convenient’ pleasure which should be followed and expressed; but due to early conditioning, upbringing, religious modes and/or suppressive/abusive family environmental factors, collective social mores, the individual is left to fend for himself/herself to sort out the conflicting sacred sensually sexually artistic creatively motivated ideas.

The age of fifteen is an extremely difficult tornado time frame, no doubt.

While looking back, in the definitive period of exactly three months before fifteen and three months after sixteen, we can all recall various peaks of emotional abyss whereby we were forced involuntarily to cross. Look demonstrably at the years involved.

What specifically was going on? IF there were some person, place, event, circumstance, that was literally avoided, cut short, dissolved without adequate resolution, the theme will continue to ‘paint our world’ in the color of that sensually motivated action for quite a while to come.

Usually, if we deny an avenue of earnestly desired expression (whether socially acceptable or not) , because of the inherent need of our precious ruthless soul to physically create, express and experience it, the opposite role will assume a broad spectrum of importance in our life.

Until at such time we are able to disassociate from the unspoken guilt, remorse and shame attached to undeniable pleasure. In other words, from something that occurred during this critical point in our lives, a band of censorship, as such, was instituted and unconsciously followed.

This is precisely why it seems as if fifteen year olds (not excluding us) are so distant from the people in their immediate family. Not only have they become strangers to them, but they are more so strangers to themselves.

Instead of being labeled as this person or that with these manners, attitudes and ways, he/she is paddling a brightly colored canoe into a cave.

It’s all a matter of forming, accessing and applying a congruent position of receptivity of his/her own values, ideas, beliefs, concepts while they struggle to form a separated identity from the one given to them by family, peer pressure, society and culture norms.

The very last thing fifteen year olds want to be is predictable. Not only is it boring, mundane and dead-on nauseating, it is downright sexually unappealing. When considering how the fifteen year old period affected you, ponder how non-spontaneous, capricious and eager to try new uncharted waters govern daily existence.

In addition, how much are we overachievers, driven to the point of oblivious success? It may be worth looking back at that most propitious period of time to see what was deposited and never withdrawn. Got your bankcard?



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    • profile image

      Shirley Pisa 7 years ago

      After reading your hub, I am trying to recall how I was when I was fifteen. There are some differences but just the same, it was the age of discovery.

    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      I thought that was very funny what you said in the second to the last paragraph. Going back to when I was fifteen...hmnn. I think I just became a woman then..

      I did everything very late in I cannot really relate to the 15 year old you were mentioning here, Paula. But then I do understand other people now after I have read the hub.