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What Is Angelic Healing?

Updated on February 3, 2013
The Human Energy Field
The Human Energy Field | Source

Angelic Healing is also known as Celestial Healing. This is essentially healing which takes place on the 6th level of the Human Energy Field, the Realm of the Angels.

The Human Energy Field emanates from the outside inwards. Many people imagine that the aura is beamed out from the physical body but it is in fact the other way round, the physical body is manifested from the previous energy levels. Therefore a healing on the 6th level encompasses all other layers beyond and within it.

This doesn't necessarily mean that an Angelic Healing will take away physical symptoms but the more often we allow ourselves to be consciously present within the energy of the Angelic Realm, the 6th level, the more likely we are to view our lives differently i.e. through the eyes of angels, seeing everything as already being perfect just as it is.

I'm not talking about adding a Pollyanna touch to everything and smiling through the bad times (although there are many health benefits to that approach too). Imagine that you can rise above the "in your face" dramas of your daily life, to see where they are leading you and to recognise how beneficial your current challenges will eventually emerge to be, imagine how that would change your entire experience of what you are experiencing.

The Angelic Healing puts us into that energy space where we can tangibly feel our innate trust in what is happening, it doesn't show us the path because that would be a mind exercise which would take us right back to the 3rd (mental) layer of the Human Energy Field, instead we lie peacefully in the warm, soft energy which holds us in beautifully powerful trust and serenity.

We don't get an answer to our specific life questions rather we are lifted to a serenity wherein the question no longer exists.

Repeated time spent in this Angelic space grows our recognition that we don't need to act to sort out our life dramas, instead we can step back and let them unfold secure in the knowledge that they are leading us to a new space beyond our most beautiful imagination.

Angelic Realm healings don't get involved in childhood wounds or life dramas or any of the astral paraphernalia. The Angelic Realm is about looking straight past all of that right through to the perfection that is there at the core of All Things. By doing this and sending energy with it, blockages and distortions can just lift away.

Forest Angel
Forest Angel | Source

Personal Experiences

So why don't we just use this kind of healing all the time? The reason that we don't use this healing all the time is that sometimes the woundings can't be let go of until there has been some conscious change whether that is from a healing or from your own life progression.

If I suggested to some folk that they merely let go of their daily dramas and just let their life unfold naturally without getting sucked into sorting stuff out and making sure things happen they would think me to be mad. Some folk are not in a place to notice the Angelic presence which is always around them. It comes back to the Golden Rule of Healing: If someone hasn't asked for a healing then to suggest that they need one is arrogant and judgemental on the part of the suggester. We can only ever offer help.

Sometimes I use an Angelic Healing as part of a session if there has been a big release. A Celestial Infusion can be used to fill the gap left with soft pink angelic love which helps the healing to be fully integrated. When we have released some old energy even though we feel lighter it can still feel uncomfortable to be without our age old props and defences so to help with this the warm, secure holding energy of the Angels is infused.

From my experiences as a healer I have observed that it takes 3 days for the body to fully integrate new energy structures and patterns after a healing. This is the same amount of time that it took Jesus to integrate his new form and resurrect.

Angelic Healings don't always necessarily take place on the healing couch either. When we reach a point in life where we can look back and recognise how we have been guided through many rough and challenging times but have always emerged into a more life affirming space beyond anything we could have imagined ourselves, then we are beginning to see the presence of Angels in our daily lives.

Then we have the opportunity to take this recognition forward so that the next time we find ourselves knee deep in overwhelming circumstances we don't have to be sucked right into the trauma and the drama. We have the ability to step back and remind ourselves that the Angels are always with us and guiding us, we don't need to do anything for that to happen. When we implicitly trust that a dark situation will take us to a new beautiful place beyond our imagination we are walking in the Realm of Angels.

No matter how dark the winter becomes we implicitly know that spring will arrive.

Do not fear to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death for it is taking you to Heaven.

Angelic Healing
Angelic Healing | Source

The Archangels

There are many different angels which can be called in to help with certain situations but you don't have to specifically ask for them. Sometimes you might want to call in a certain type of energy for certain situations and for that there are specific Archangels. Here are the main ones that I use

Archangel Michael - the warrior angel that brings courage, strength and protection with his blue flame sword that can cut through negative attachments. He is the protector of humanity and his feminine aspect is Faith.

Archangel Jophiel - the Illuminator who brings wisdom by clearing the fog from the mental levels by his bright light just as the sun burns off the mist from the lake. He gives pure knowing that aligns the mental body with the higher self which is particularly helpful around issues of self worth and self esteem. The feminine aspect is Christine, like the Christ mind.

Archangel Chamuel - The Pink Flame of Love, brings warming and nourishing tenderness and compassion which soothes the emotional body. The flame burns and transmutes the negativity of the heart and returns it to balance. The feminine aspect is Charity.

Archangel Gabriel The bringer of harmony and purification during big changes. He guides us by dissolving fear with his trumpet fanfare of glad tidings of joyful awakenings. The feminine aspect is Hope.

Archangel Raphael - the angel of Healing with his emerald green ray. He is the physician of the angelic realms and the inspiration for us healers. He is peaceful but with the ability to cast out demons. The feminine aspect is Mother Mary.

Archangel Zadkiel - The Violet flame that transforms through forgiveness transmuting negativity and allowing us to let go which brings greater freedom. The feminine aspect is Amethyst.


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