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Women Turn Men On!!

Updated on June 16, 2014

Top 5 Things Women Do That Turn On Men

Top 5 Things Women Do That Turn On Men
Top 5 Things Women Do That Turn On Men | Source

How to be Irresistible to Men

Top 5 Things Women Do That Turn On Men

Men and women are both visual when it comes to attraction of either sex.Men are more attracted to women visually then women, and we all know this. There are however things women do that drive a man sexually and mentally toward a women.That is what I am writing about are the top five things women already do that turn on men. You, the women may not know that little things you do were such a turn on to most men. I found when I asked this question that most women had not even thought of this question. One thing that is common place for both men and women is they need to be attracted to each other for a relationship to work. Why settle for less than you have to. There are millions of singles out in the world and one is waiting for you. To turn on a man , sometimes does not take much at all. We all know men can be pretty easy to be sexually charged by a women. He can look at books and get excited over a women. Women on the other hand might look at a picture in a bok then just thumb through it, with no reaction toward the photo. Women are visually stimulated , just not as much as a man is.So on to the top 5 things that women do that turn us men on.

  1. When a women wears a t-shirt and no bra and has denim on. Now this is for certain women. Small breasted women and up to large breasted women with a figure is whom I am talking about. There is nothing more sexy than this. IF you have the type of body where you can wear this outfit then you probably have worn this and received a lot of attention from guys.A women's body is beautiful and to show off a bit is wonderful.
  2. The other stimulating thing a women can do is wear a dress that is becoming to her and perfume that makes a guy drool. There are certain perfume's that are really sensual to a guy's nose, and I don't care what you look like, it will gain you attention.The dress , if contemporary and free flowing makes for a sexy look also . I think it is always nice to see a dress on a girl. Very sexy and feminine for a women.
  3. "Say Hello" with a smile and really meaning it. One thing about a women is how her face lights up when she is excited. The moment when she speaks it can brighten the room up very quickly by these simple words. A smile on her face opens her right up to compliments as well. Therefor this is a two way street remark that can make any man's day or women.
  4. When the day is over and your at home and lucky enough to have a spouse or girlfriend, there is nothing more sexy than for her to walk around the house with a t shirt and shorts on , only. I find this very stimulating and hopefully you look good in this as you whisk around the house, and lightly brushing against your boyfriend to tease him a little. If you have a flirtatious relationship then she probably already wears this around the house. Guys like to be teased and they like a little bit of fun. There are some though that this will do nothing. You need to find another guy.
  5. After a bath , is when a women is most erotic , she is warm and smells of lotion and is so soft. This has to be the sexiest time of the day for a man to be with his girl. There is nothing so nice as a clean smelling and smooth lady. This holds true to all women. The bath must of been made for a women , guys don't take these as much. It goes a long way for a women though, and to sleep next to your girl after she has been in a bath is so soothing and nice.

Well these are my top five things that most women already do that turn on men. There are so many more to write that is what gives us writers more work. There is nothing like a little girl, for she grows up to be a women to be loved. No matter her weight or height. A women is a cherished human being and to love a lady is one of God's best gifts to man. I hope you appreciate what your women in your life do for you. Maybe its time to sit back and really think about it. She may be due some flowers or something nice for being just her.


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