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What Jazzercise Has Done For Me

Updated on November 1, 2017
Linda L Paquette profile image

Linda is a 56-year-old woman living all of her life in the North East. She has written a book of poetry "Heartfelt Emotions."


The Beginning of My Experience with Jazzercise

I was always on the thin side, until I hit my late 30's and then the pounds began to pack on. I never really considered myself as obese until I went to a doctor's appointment and peeked at my chart and the doc had written that word no one wants to ever think of themselves as, Obese. I left her office knowing I had to do something to loose some weight, but life was in a very bad place for me at the time and it was an after thought, until I got into my 40's.

All my life I have been active but never got into an exercise routine, until about 8 years ago. A friend of mine, Sue, was in the same rut as myself, a bit over weight and just looking for a change.

We decided to join weight watchers and see how that went, which I was committed to shedding a few pounds and was thinking about my health seeing as though I was in my late 40's.

After a few weeks with weigh ins and eat this, don't eat that routine I wanted more. Sue told she had joined Jazzercise a few years back and it was great but she wanted someone to go with her and I said I would.

Now, my first thoughts about Jazzercise was the 70's and head bands and leotards. I could picture in my mind Olivia Newton John singing, " Let's Get Physical", and I just laughed.

Sue told me that they didn't wear those things anymore and it was a great positive place. Jazzercise was not only cardio, but stretch and strength too.

Dance Mixx Jazzercise

My Experience

The moment I walked through the doors at Jazzercise Hudson Fitness Center I was hooked! The atmosphere was up beat and fun and the ladies who run the place are energetic and just full of life.

As I looked around the room at the woman taking the class I noticed the age range was very diverse, ranging from young to old. The bodies in the room was also very diverse from thin barbies to over weight but I noticed one thing, they all had a smile on their faces and they were all very welcoming.

The music in the back ground playing before class was popular and loud! I found myself energized just by being in the room. The woman were all standing around chit chatting before class and introducing themselves to me.

I am really not a people person, although I love people I am kind of an introvert until I get to know you, and these woman all seemed to want to know me!

The class instructor came over and introduced herself to me and told me I was going to feel kind of awkward the first few times and probably would not know the moves she would be shouting out onstage but just to keep moving and if nothing else march.

She was right, I did feel completely weird and had no clue what she was talking about and the room was surrounded in mirrors. I didn't want to see myself in mirrors that's for sure, and I was wondering what on earth the other woman in class was thinking of me.

Sure I loved to dance, in my kitchen, cooking dinner where the only people who could see me was my kids or hubby and here I was in front of strangers doing all this strange stuff to great tunes.

The first song was a warm up. It was getting our bodies limber for the upcoming rise in heart rate and muscle use. I stumbled through that because it was slow and easy to follow.

The next song was faster and the moves quicker and I found myself marching through it and taking in what was going on around me. I was looking at the other woman and the instructor and trying to figure out what the heck was going on.

After a few minutes I found myself engrossed in the music and the teacher and forgot about everything else. The rest of the room disappeared in the midst of my new found happy place.

The sweat began to pour down from my head to my toes, literally! I was one hot mess to say the least, but loving every minute of what I was doing. After about 40 minutes of cardio then came the strength training. We had weights and a mat and more work was to be done. I was able to follow these routines much easier because the music is slower and the moves were pretty easy but hard at the same time. The last song was a stretch and cool down. It felt so good to stretch! I don't think I have ever used my legs as much as I did that morning.

The class was an hour long, I must say there were times in that hour I really didn't know if I was going to be able to get through it, but somehow I did.

Once class ended I found myself in an energetic puddle. I felt like mush but was loving every second of it.


The Result

I was Hooked! Sue and I went to Jazzercise classes 3 mornings a week. It was wonderful! I loved this place and the energy it produced. I was making new friends and seeing the pounds slowly coming off.

I asked the owner of Jazzercise, Cindy, why I was not seeing more weight coming off and she told me that maybe I should come to a couple more classes a week and maybe that would boost my weight loss, but she also told me that losing weight slow was the best way to go about it.

I decided to come to class 5 times a week and the results were all good. Between weight watchers and the exercise I was finally seeing what I wanted to see, results!

My friend would only go randomly and for an instant I was discouraged because I really didn't want to go by myself, but then I realized why not, you love this place and the woman there, so I was going a lot alone.

I found myself going more and more not because I had to but because I wanted to. I realized that Jazzercise was not only about changing your body but it was also good for my mind and soul.

In 8 months I had lost 85 pounds! I went from a size 16 down to a size 6! I have never been a size 6 in my entire life, this was amazing!

I realized after going to Jazzercise for a while that many of the woman there were going through some kind of tragedy in their lives, from fighting cancer, to losing loved ones. I myself lost my son almost 4 years ago to suicide and was a lost soul.

For a few weeks I didn't even get out of bed. I was grief struck by the loss of my child and I myself became depressed and didn't seem to want to do anything. Until one day when I woke up realized I missed my happy place, I missed my Jazzercise classes and the friendships I had made there so I went to class.

Yes I stood on the dance floor and cried my eyes out. The woman embraced me and never judged me the entire time I had come. They were always, always, helpful and kind.

When I left that day I felt a bit better. I knew I needed Jazzercise and all that it gave to me from the change in my body to being able to make it through another day of grief.

It has been over 8 years since I discovered Jazzercise and I still go faithfully to class. I guess you can call me a lifer, because I finally found something I loved. My church, my happy place, my for myself place. I have maintained my weight loss even though I don't go to class as often as I did but still find time for 4 to 5 times weekly.

If you need something wonderful and different why not give Jazzercise a try. It worked for me and I am sure after just one class and the welcoming arms surrounding you, you will want to go back to another class. You will feel better I swear, and you will see results in the mirror and in your heart!


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