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What Main Factors trigger the problem of Itchy Ear

Updated on June 10, 2012

What Main Factors trigger the problem of Itchy Ear

Identifying the correct reasons of itchy ear can help to prevent repetitive occurrence of the condition and solve the problem faster. Discomfort arising from this situation is so annoying that it compels to locate the exact reasons triggering this condition. What causes ears to itch? There are many reasons. Several reasons are as followed:

Skin Condition
(a) Seborrheic dermatitis - Skin conditions of ear can have serious contribution to itchy ears. Seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition which mostly affects the skin of the ear. Factors like Malassezia yeast infection, stress, weak immune system etc. can evoke this condition.

(b) Psoriasis – It is another skin condition which is characterized by abnormal skin cell production. Apart from places like hand, knees, elbows and scalp, it also appears on the skin of the ears. One of the major symptoms of this skin condition is itching.

(c) Atopic Eczema – Atopic eczema is a condition, which is mostly elicited by hypersensitive skin reaction. This condition has resemblances to allergies. It mostly occurs behind the ear folds and triggers an itchy sensation.

What Causes Ears to Itch? Problem of Earwax –
Excessive growth of earwax can block the ear canal and cause itching. On the other hand, it also helps to protect the skin of the ear canal. Experts say that earwax inhibits bacterial infection and keeps the ear canal clean. But the problem of itchy ear arises due to an imbalanced earwax formation.

Otitis Externa or Swimmer's Ear
While discussing the reasons of itchy ear, the problem of otitis externa or swimmer's ear can also be discussed. It occurs when the outer skin of the ears or ear canals become inflamed and infected. An excessive wetness of the ear skin can develop this problem. Otitis externa has been identified as another contributor to itchy skin condition. This problem may be caused by a fungus called Aspergillus sp. Moreover, Pseudomonas, which is a bacterium, is also quite known for inducing the condition of itchy ears.


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