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What Moves You to Make You Happy?

Updated on July 9, 2017
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Tomi enjoys reading and learning about self-help or anything that helps her live a happier life. She enjoys helping others.

This is What Makes Me Happy

I really enjoy writing, and I love the feeling I get after finishing an article. I enjoy the art of handwriting, calligraphy, punctuation, grammar, and typing, etc. I love helping people and giving them answers to their questions, if it is something I feel I have knowledge of and/or experience of.

For example, I really like when people make comments on my articles because that is a compliment. I enjoy: responding to them, getting their point of views, seeing what they may have trouble with, and letting them know I appreciate their comment.

I really enjoy answering questions in the feeds, if I know something about that area. Therefore, I like answering questions about losing weight, since I have previously lost a lot of weight on Weight Watchers, and I continue to maintain most of my weight loss. I also like answering questions that pertain to being happy so that is why I have written so many articles about inner peace.


Do You Like to Make Comments to Others on Their Social Media Sites?

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Make Peace with Your Past, Smile


Do You Reply to Comments on Your Own Websites?

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Which one activity below best describes, what gives you the most pleasure?

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Stop Thinking So Much


Do You Like When People Make Comments on Your Social Media Sites?

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Smile and the world smiles with you. Live life for now. It is all you have right now. Make the best of what you have right now. Don't dwell on past mistakes or negative feelings. Stop thinking so much. Do what you enjoy within reason, that doesn't cause negative consequences.

Time Heals Wounds


Things I Have Learned

I have learned a lot of information on here from reading other articles for my own personal life. I have also learned about things for improving my own writing, even though, yes, I know, I still make mistakes. Things I have learned: to use more commas, to make more paragraphs, and to not use a lot of pronouns, etc. I'm sure the list goes on.

Your Happiness

What makes you happy? If it is not in the list above in the poll, can you please just let me know in the comments, what else makes you happy? Please refrain from any comments that are sexual by the way, because I'm sure that is what some people may think makes them the happiest, but I am trying to dig a little deeper than that, and see what else in addition to that makes people happy.

Further Reading

Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments below and I will try to respond.

I have written more articles on being mentally healthy, positive thinking, and techniques. If you are interested in learning more about that, please read my other articles. You may want to start with my very first article, titled: "Introduction to Freeing Yourself From Your Problems." I have also written articles about recovering from injuries and speedy recovery tips.

Thank you for reading.

© 2017 Tomi Smith


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