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Liver Detox Foods That Help To Prevent Cancer

Updated on November 14, 2016

Healthy Foods That Support Liver Function

There are plenty of foods that are great for your liver. Its important to understand the importance of a balanced diet, which includes eating detoxifying foods that help to cleanse your body, in additon to helping your liver and kidneys filter out the toxins. By ensuring that you include foods that support liver function, your sure to keep your skin healthier, prevent aging, prevent cancer, and have more energy for a longer time in your life.

Diagram of the Liver in the Human Body

Diagram of the Liver
Diagram of the Liver
A Diagram that shows all the different parts of the Human Liver
A Diagram that shows all the different parts of the Human Liver

What Does The Liver Do?

The liver plays a vital role for our bodies by breaking down toxins as well as hundreds of other functions that our body desperately depends on to keep chemicals in balance. It is also the largest internal organ in our body. Its located under the diaphragm on the right side of the upper abdomen, it sits on the right side of the stomach.

There are 4 Different parts to our liver, each part is called a lobe and each of the lobes in our liver are different sizes.

First, Oxygenated blood enters the liver through the right lobe from the hepatic artery.

Then the blood from the spleen, pancreas and small intestine, which is carrying the nutrients and byproducts of food digestion. Those nutrients then enter from the portal vein, which is also located in the right lobe of our liver.

Thereafter, our deoxygenated blood flows away through our hepatic veins and eventually it makes its way to our heart. Hepatic cells are responsible for making all this happen, and our liver is made up mostly of hepatic cells. Around 60% of our liver is hepatic cells.

As you can see, its very important to take care of your liver because without it you could not stay alive. Liver Transplants are very expensive and even if you do get a liver transplant, there is not a 100% chance of everything going smoothly after. Now that you know that Hepatic cells are essential for a liver to function properly, I will go into other functions that Hepatic Cells make happen through the liver.

- Breaks down insulin and other hormones. This is why taking steroids can be so detrimental to your liver. It requires your liver to break down an excess of unnatural hormones.

- Produces bile, which is secreted by the liver. Bile will drain into the duodenum, or it will travel to the gall bladder where its stored and concentrated for when our body needs it.

- Bile Salts are important because they increase the absorption of fats, and it also plays a huge roll by helping our body absorb Vitamin A, D, E and K. Bile also helps the body remove damaged red blood cells.

- Our liver helps to regulate our blood sugar level by converting sugars and storing and releasing them as required.

- Creates Cholesterol which our cells depend on, and also triglycerides (fats) that are required for our metabolism.

- Stores Iron, Vitamin B12, Copper, Glycogen, and a wide range of other substances that our body needs.

- Destruction of cell debris and microbes

- Helps Break down many topic substances, one of the major toxic substances that it breaks down is alcohol and drugs.

- Helps produce proteins that our blood needs to clot normally.

- Also responsible for converting the metabolic waste called Ammonia into Urea. (Our kidneys then excrete the urea).

Is bottled water safe? Is drinking bottled water unhealty?

This seems to be a very controversial subject because the research is so new, and corporations that bottle water and other beverages do not seem concerned enough to do the research themselves because it costs money. However, many of the beverages we drink tend to be in plastic, I do drink from plastic occasionally but of course I would much rather drink beverages out of a class rather than a can or a plastic bottle.

A recent Study was done on Plastic bottles that showed the release of BPA. The U.K. has began running tests on the use of plastic bottles as well and it still has yet to be determined if they pose a substantial health risk. One thing is for sure, they recommend that pregnant women should not drink out of plastic bottles as it could increase health risks. In addition to the controversy of drinking out of plastic bottles, there is also a serious concern that they could increase the risk of cancer as well. Here is a Link that has research that supports health concerns when it comes to drinking out of plastic bottles. Some of this Research done in the U.K. has also been shown to possibly decrease a certain enzyme that our liver produces which seems like a substantial health concern in itself.

Drinking Water helps keep your liver healthy

Because our liver plays such a major roll in cleansing our body of toxins and breaking down toxic substances. It is important to realize that water also plays a major role in helping our liver detox, water is so important when it comes to keeping toxins flowing so that they don't get stuck in our body and sit around. Water keeps our circulation flowing better and helps to supplement the many functions of the kidney and liver. Taking vitamins or supplements without drinking water is especially harsh on the kidneys and liver. It is a good rule of thumb to drink about 8, 8 ounce glasses of water every day to keep hydrated. Another great way to ensure that you stay hydrated is to drink half your body weight in ounces.

Another important factor is to make sure that your drinking good water. Make sure the tap water is safe to drink if you decide to drink tap water. Personally I buy my water from a Water Store, there is deionized and reverse osmosis type water. Both are very pure and good to drink. Deionized water is great for Detox diets and usually its actually cheaper to buy water in a 5 gallon container because it only costs about 38 cents a gallon.

Nutritious Foods that are good for your liver and help prevent cancer

There are tons of foods out there that you can incorporate into your diet that will be very healthy for your liver, cranberries and blueberries are great because they contain antioxidants. Tea is also very good, Green Tea acts as an antioxidant and contains flavanoids which are known to help detox the liver and fight free radicals. Any berry or cherry is filled with antioxidants.

One of the best foods that you can eat is Onions, and when you add garlic to your onions it helps you absorb more of the nutrients that are available in both foods. Eating Garlic and onions together is a great way to cleanse your liver and your kidneys as well. Pomegranates and other exotic fruits are also super foods when it comes to antioxidants. Regardless of what antioxidant-rich foods you decide to get, try to make sure its organic when you can. Additionally, here are some websites that can help you save money on your grocery bill.


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    • profile image

      Kurt 7 years ago

      Thanks for all of the health tips. I have heard that berries and pomegranates are also very good for your liver and kidneys. They are used in many detox diets.

    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      Thank you for the help, I'm starting a liver detox this week, and you had a very good link that actually works perfect for a detox diet. Thank you so much for the time you took to write this article, I appreciate it

    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 8 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      Another Great way to increase hepatic cells that are responsible for proper functioning is to make sure you avoid alcohol and limit your alcohol intake to 2-4 drinks per week. When you do drink, its better to drink something that does have some heart healthy benefits, such as Red Wine. Staying well hydrated is equally important when it comes to helping your liver get rid of toxins.

      Remember that Dark green leafy vegetables and dark red fruits and vegetables are very rich in antioxidants.

      A good rule of thumb that I use to ensure that I have a balanced diet: Try to eat as many different colors of foods as you can, for example yellow squash, green bell peppers, purple potatoes, brown rice with onions and garlic, Bananas, and tomatoes. As you can see a diet like this would be rich in many different nutrients, in most cases you can ascertain what foods contribute certain health benefits based on the color. example. Dark green vegetables is high in fiber, is good for your digestive system and rich in antioxidants that help get rid of the toxins in your body

    • Entourage_007 profile image

      Stuart 8 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      If you have any other questions regarding the liver and how to avoid cirrhosis of the liver, and keep your liver healthy. Please feel free to ask, just leave a comment and I will be sure to answer all questions as soon as I can. Thanks