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What On Earth Are You Thinking?

Updated on October 5, 2019

Truly thoughts are things and they can be measured but what exactly are thoughts? and where do they come from? Also where are they stored? Surely they’re in the brain somewhere right? Or are they? Wait! are they stored in the either and I just have access to them from my brain? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions then you are probably an over thinker just like me.

Lets first off talk about the ether. Lets just say that the ether is the air or that it is anything that isn’t physical matter. Well thats not entirely correct because something physical lets just say a table does appear to be fixed and non moving but we all know that isn’t quite true. If you were to get your microscope out and go right down to it, you would see the particles of the table moving. So why exactly does the table appear to be still? Well the particles are moving at such a low vibration that our human eyes can’t detect any movement so we perceive it as being fixed.

Ok so now your probably thinking about the ether. Yes thats right the ether is on the other end of the spectrum. Its the exact same makeup but the vibration is so fast that we can’t perceive anything to be there. The vibration is such that we can’t perceive anything as at rest. So what exactly does this have to do with thought?

I’d like to go back over what we have just talked about but now from a different perspective. So we said we looked at the table and there it is, a non moving table. But what if we saw a table because we thought it was a table. Wait! whats the difference? Well universally a flat top on top of 4 legs is a table. Everyone thinks that, everyone agrees and it is defined. So maybe the fact that it is defined in our mind is the reason why it is defined in our perception.

What if that certain formation of matter, moving at that frequency was not universally defined, would it mean that we see something different? YES is the answer. What you see is just a combination of light moving into your head and the picture that is made sense of by your current information.

Now lets take the table as the example. We have 10 different people all with very different views on what a table is and what it means to them. Some of them have had accidents involving tables, some of them hate certain designs of tables, some of them eat dinner at a table and some see it as merely a centrepiece for a room. So what does this have to do with what they see. Well its really not about the image that you see its what it means to you, how it makes you feel, how you react to the situation.

But wait! Aren’t we talking about what you actually see? Sure but in a day how often is it about just seeing something and it stops there. That happens very rarely if at all. During your day you are constantly seeing things and making judgements to then make decisions towards whatever you would like to see happen or what you need from a situation. So with the table its really not about what it physically looks like but what it represents. One person sees a great table that they would like to buy. One person sees an ugly table that says more than enough about the owner. One person sees an accident waiting to happen. These all create emotions and thoughts that then dictate behaviour.

So if theres so much going on, what would happen if I Started to make up all my favourite combinations without the actual physical object itself. It surely would seem that the physical object would find a way into the scenario if the mood is set. Ok so If I get to choose, lets see, I want to make $100000 before the end of the year, I want it to feel really good, I will be grateful for every opportunity that comes to me, I will like to make the money through creating online content, people will enjoy consuming the content just as much as I enjoyed making it. Well if you thought all these things and really believed, would you be more or less likely to start seeing opportunities to achieve your goals? Well maybe you should try it and find out.


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