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What Triggers Cyber Addiction

Updated on December 5, 2017

The internet is used for purposes like job creation, playing games as part of entertainment and innovation applications. Ultimately, the internet can become addictive to an individual where all the time they are on their computers hence lacks a social life (Keser, Kavuk & Numanoglu, 2016). The addiction one has towards the overuse of technology is called Cyber addiction. Most individuals cannot spend more than twenty-four hours without touching they phones or gadgets.

Professor Kane thinks that cyber addiction occurs to people who use the internet and technology for more extended hours than expected. He continues to impede that people who are addicted to the internet pose the internet addiction disorder since it affects their everyday nobody functioning (Sullivan & Mazur, 2010). The addicts spend long hours using their computers, internet, video games and skyping. In my opinion, a person who is addicted to cyber or internet will face the consequences such as reduced performances in school or at work, incompletion of assignments, social life disruption (Keser, Kavuk & Numanoglu, 2016). The person is likely to have health problems such as backaches, headaches, neck aches and poor hygiene. Moreover, three principles that motivate individuals to become cyber addicts namely autonomy, relatedness and competence. Hyperactivity is prevalent in modern society as the individuals are unable to distinguish the reality from fiction due to the seamless blend. Technology has brought about simulation whereby there is the blending of fact and representation which is hard to detect. For example, Disneyland is an example of hyperactivity.

Most people especially parents lose their children to the internet, especially in video games. On holidays most children prefer playing sports to socializing with their friends; thus they become addicted. However, the parents are the primary contributors because they buy the play stations for them. Cyber addiction affects the society in that there is the development of weaponization using the computers which can cause tremendous havoc (Keser, Kavuk & Numanoglu, 2016). Cyber addiction breaks the strong social relations among family members which affect the society at whole, and Individuals spend time on the internet thus reducing face to face conversation (Sullivan & Mazur, 2010) s. Reports show that video gamers die due to poor hygiene as they miss out their meals thus making technology a negative concept. Social networking is positively used to connect people to the world although they cause laziness especially to the young adults (Keser, Kavuk & Numanoglu, 2016). Just like any other addiction, it is curable although one has to understand their level of dependence. I conquer with professor Kane that if there is the withdrawal of motivating principles, then the habit weakens or becomes extinct.


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