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What Will Time Tell?

Updated on May 15, 2011
No matter how much time you have... it is yours to manage.
No matter how much time you have... it is yours to manage. | Source
Indeed - Time will tell!!
Indeed - Time will tell!!

“Time will tell…”  Exactly what does this mean? 

According to the Lyrics of a song by Bob Marley, “You think you are in Heaven, but you’re living in hell, oh, time will tell.”

Hmmm According to the Idiom Dictionary, this phrase means you will only know the outcome when time has passed.

I’m inclined to go with the Idiom dictionary.  Although, if you think carefully about it (any situation at all) there are markers to know the outcome before time passes.

For instance if someone breaks the law, it is pretty certain they will at one time or another get caught and punished for their crime. 

If someone falls in love with a cheater (one who cheated on their spouse) it is pretty certain that they will cheat again.

So, wisdom and common sense often prevail and one does not have to wait on Time to tell.

The Cambridge Dictionary of Idioms says that “it is necessary to wait to find out something.  This is sometimes very true.

For instance, we all have that certain little child that we are truly sure, in our hearts, will do something special in their lives; something that will benefit others.  Only time will tell if we are correct in our assessment. 

Time is our tool.  So many of us are lost without our watches or a clock on the wall.  Clocks communicate with us.  They give us relief or an ulcer.

For instance, the alarm clock sounds off - it is time to get up and start your day (or, nap time is over).  The clock on the wall at work lets you know when it is time to take a break, start your day, have your lunch, or time to quit and go home.

Time is sometimes unpredictable; however time can be our friend.  Time allows us to ponder on the circumstances of our life; on the career choices we make; our choice of a mate or where to live.  Time helps us to ponder and propagate our ideas and test the waters.

However, Time can be our enemy.  Some decisions must be made quickly with fairness and consideration.  That can be a burden to many.  Quick decisions are often nerve wracking; as we know that only time will tell if we made the right decision.  If we did - great; if we did not - woe be to us and others that our decisions affect.

While thinking on this one phrase “Time will tell.” I have learned or more accurately reminded myself how important time really is.  We are given only so much of it.  What we actually accomplish with our time is very important; to ourselves as well as those around us. 

Time well spent (and sometimes this means to spend it on some quiet-alone-time) benefits those around us.  Only we know what the use of our given time will reap. 

I know a young man who never wears a watch.  He has his own company and he is quite successful.  Still, he does not watch the time at all.  Perhaps that is part of his success.  I’m sure the customers never feel like he is in a hurry or rushing them.

Well, time will tell.  And when it does - we should listen!

 (Smiles across the miles to you all!)


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    • Pixienot profile image

      Pixienot 6 years ago from Clarksville, Indiana

      I'm glad you found the hub interesting, b. Malin. For me it was good as I needed a reality check on my time spent.

      Sally, if I had more time I'd probably be dead! :) As it is the hours do fly by, but the pain from using those hours so vigorously - - - well, I guess it's a matter of balance. No matter how much time we have, our use of that time is in our own time bank account.

      Oh Jillian, I try hard to not remember the unfinished, the wrongs or dreams. Only the dreams, the wrongs and the unfinished that are still possible to do something about. The past is the past, no one can change it.

      You are so right, making those memories are the most important thing that can happen and should happen with the time we have left.

      All three of you, thank you so much for stopping by. I really appreciate it.

      Have a great week. And remember, the sun shines from the inside!

      By the way, I'm having major computer problems. That is the main reason you have not seen me. I hope to have it fixed sometime this week or next!

    • Jillian Barclay profile image

      Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

      Dear Pixienot,

      The older I get, the more 'time' becomes an unwelcome reminder of life unfinished, wrongs not righted, dreams that haven't come true...

      In a similar vein, 'time' has also become a friend. It shows that I must be more mindful of making memories and enjoying the 'time' remaining.

      Very thought provoking! Glad to see you- have missed you for a 'time'.

    • Truckstop Sally profile image

      Truckstop Sally 6 years ago

      Time -- quite a conundrum! We never have enough of it. So precious!

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      We never seem to have Enough Time...It can be our Friend and our Enemy...Very interesting Hub on Time, Pixie...Useful too!