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What Will You Tell Them.

Updated on April 17, 2017

Reasons why you can't cut it!

What Will You Tell them.

I have scars

inflicted at various

times in my life

from the marines

a compound, compressed

skull fracture at age three

a slash across my wrist

from a job suffering

under a inadvertent slip

of a friends box cutter.

Burn scars, and

surgical scars,

they all tell a tale,

that my tiny son,

once wanted to know.

But I was able to explain

all the many marks

that marred my flesh.

He didn't get to see

the inner scars,

those are easy to hide.

But what will you

tell your two year old

when she asks,

"Mommy, Why do you have

all those lines on your legs,

and your body??

The truth would be

far too hard for such

a young mind to accept

and they so like to mimic

the parents they love

A lie would require

a tremendous

work of fiction,

that even a child could

grasp and believe....

till they are old enough to realize

it was really just you cutting

Remember that

when the urge to cut

overwhelms you again.

Picture those innocent eyes

and that tiny precious set of lips

pursed in a questioning "Why?"

There are ointments

that will help hide scars,

vitamin K and E.

There is makeup that will

cover them as well.

Out of sight, out of mind.

I care for cutters,

I have known quite a few,

But whenever I think of them,

I always picture the scars first.

Human nature I guess,

but still I care.

©-Matthew F. Blowers III


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