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What You Come To Do

Updated on September 2, 2009
The fire in your heart is needed and longed for.
The fire in your heart is needed and longed for.

Lyrics from the upcoming CD: Guided Transformations For Men

What you come to do is up to you, it’s in your hands, your hearts, your minds, the fiery life-force coursing through you. Some places dammed up (damned), others flooding forth. You have the power and technology to undamn what has been damned. Held back from flowing forth, a safe haven for a time - a place for the young to be protected from the predatory forces beyond.

The way of nature is to burn that which has piled up, clearing out old, dead wood, making way for the fertilizing forces to be born into beauty from the seeming devastation. Let the lightning come, down into your tree, exploding you open, aflame with the power of love, all burnt away but your desire - to reach up to the light as pathway of the sun, alive with life force, moving through you into your roots and into the soil, moist, wet, dark and nurturing.

Free now from the confines of the limited shape you were pruned into within the crowded wood, overgrown with those competing for the animating light and nourishing soil.

Free now to plant your seed in the soil made rich by your burning - carried in a cone requiring heat to open, to release, to impregnate the waiting one, hungry to join forces in the creation of unencumbered beauty.

Protected by inherent life force emanating a signal of wholeness - no crack or break or tear, complete in its unity, glowing with a steady magnetism and charisma that delights all of Nature, joining herself to him that she may know the power of the force of life coursing and emanating through his body and outward.

Together offering a supplication of love that all everywhere benefit. Controlled only by their desire to serve beauty - that is life. And surrendering to the forces moving through the free flowing pathways as to the sea and home again to the spawning grounds of love.

And feeling the sun’s sparkle on the water - the pleasure scatter of pride, and admiration, in recognition of your unwillingness to abide encumbrances to your being, the courage to surrender to the flow of force, tall standing, an expression of Divinity - bounded by chosen containment in service to the highest performance.

Fathering faithful deliverance in service to the beloved. Way-showing the path to freedom and unity. Free from the false hopes of wounded ones’ demands to live what they have not. Setting them free to surrender to the flow of beauty and power within as you spread your branches wide and long - a haven for birdsong and nest-nurturing, a place from which to sagely envision the wide landscape.

Your strength, protection, inspiration serving all who come near to you - to harvest the bounty of your ripe progeny, and be enlivened, enriched, emboldened - to live. To live free and pure in the natural flow of life.

Failing none while honoring the call to your unique destiny, serving purposefully the impulse for good, driving your stance, your movement, your actions and affects. Feeling the praises of the father of all that is good in you; the heart joy of the mother of your invention.

Honorably serving the guiding force for good as you recognize the pleasure it wrought in the core of your sire. Well done, faithful son of goodness. Well done faithful son of greatness. Well done faithful son of Fire, lighting the darkness with your emanations, so pleasing in his sight.

The tests and trials of your restrictions informing your commitment to freedom - to serve that which is greater than limitations of prescribed form. Creating yourself anew, according to the blueprint drawn by the impulse of your desire - to radiate the life force moving through you - for the benefit of all.


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