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Frugal Ways to Stay Healthy in the Fall

Updated on January 7, 2022
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Lanecia enjoys writing in an effort to inspire others. She has a master's degree in Library and Information Science from Kent State.

Candy corn, pumpkins, and Halloween treats are right around the corner and you're looking for ways to avoid the temptation and stick to your healthy routine. Well I'm here to help you to do just that.

Fall comes with grey days and sometimes tricky weather. This can make it a little difficult to get out there and get our bodies moving. We all have them, you are not alone.

Regardless of the season, our bodies need us to give it what it needs inside and out. Trust me, it will definitely thank you in the long run. Here are 20 ways you can stay healthy this fall:

Get Moving


It may be a difficult to get out there on the breezy days, but this is the time you want to get moving. If you are concerned about the weather, try signing up for an affordable gym membership in your area.

There are also thousands of workout videos on Youtube you can utilize as well. Keep in mind that there are many ways you can stay active everyday regardless of time and money. Some of the most hectic schedules can be adjusted to fit in workouts for even 10 minutes at a time. Don't believe me? Here's an article that teaches you how:

Eat in Season


Eating fruits and veggies is always beneficial in developing healthy fall routine. Foods such as these, are packed with many of the nutrients we need to stay energized throughout the day.

I can't tell you how many times I've bought fruit out of season and quickly regretted my decision after experiencing the bitter taste.

To stay motivated to eat more fruits and veggies during the fall, purchase them when they are in season to avoid the bitter taste. Unless of course you enjoy tasteless food, then by all means, buy any kind you want. To get a idea of what foods are in season ask a store employee or use this as a guide when you make a trip to the store.

Stay Hydrated


Whether you want to stay warm and have a cup of tea or you want to grab a bottle of water, keep in mind that staying hydrated is a must in the fall. Don't you want healthy skin? Drink fluids. Colder temperatures stealing the glow in your complexion? Drink fluids. Want to flush out bad toxins? Drink fluids.

The list goes on and on, but staying hydrated will keep your body healthy throughout the fall season, especially if you are prone to dry skin.

If you don't like the taste of water, try adding some fruits and honey to help with the taste. Try not to add a bus load of processed sugars, since this will only reverse the hydration for your body.

Get Educated


How well do you know your body and what it takes to keep it healthy? Educating yourself is the best way to truly know what your body needs to function.

You can read a thousand articles on healthy fall routines, but the only way to truly understand is to take action.

That way you'll find out what works for you and what doesn't through experience and learning more about the human body.

There are many ways to educate yourself on the human body and ways to keep it healthy. Take a trip to your local library or invest in your health by taking a course. The more you know, the easier you can stick to a healthy fall routine.

Don't Drink Your Calories


It's easy to be tempted by all of the delicious drink concoctions of the fall season.

Some of my favorite drinks during the fall include pumpkin spice lattes and sweet tangy apple cider.

Do yourself a favor and try a few seasonal specialty drinks, but remember not to over indulge.

Most of these drinks may contain loads of sugar and artificial ingredients that your gut will pay for later. They may also be high in calories and might become addictive due to the delicious and sugary taste.

You can also try making your own recipe at home using more healthier options. Try this recipe from

Take Care of Your Skin


The weather changes in the fall can affect your skin in a lot of ways.

Skin can become more dry due to the decrease of moisture in the air. Try protecting your skin by using a natural moisturizer to prevent dry skin.

Utilize heavier butters and creams that will build a thick shield to protect your skin from harsh weather conditions.

One way I maintain healthy skin during the fall is by mixing equal amounts of coconut oil, olive oil, and a light butter such as Shea or beeswax and apply it all over.

Don't forget to keep your skin clean using a good cleanser with natural ingredients.

Exfoliate to maintain the softness of your skin and get rid of old skin cells for a healthier look. If you are not sure how to make your own, try visiting your local health food store.


With the gloomy days ahead of us for the fall season, it's easy to fall into a bad mood.

Depending on where you live, you may no longer be able to take a relaxing dip in the pool and enjoy the rays of sunshine.

Keep in mind that just because we are not able to go outdoors as much, there are still ways to enjoy the season and the great outdoors.

If the weather has got your mood down, try visiting a sunny state for a few days to boost your mood.

Try indoor activities with friends and family and find new hobbies.

Stress is inevitable and can cause many issues overtime, so be sure to take time out of your day to de-stress and do something that feels good.

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