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What You Should Know About Hyperthyroid Condition.

Updated on April 30, 2017

The Thyroxine hormone plays a vital role in the processes of digestion, functioning of the heart muscles and development of the brain.

When thyroxine is produced in excess, it leads to inflammation of benign tumor called thyroid. This leads to the condition known as Hyperthyroidism- a condition commonly characterized with the swelling of the neck region.

But what exactly is Hyperthyroidism and what causes it? Does it have a cure? Let's discuss more on this condition.

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The Link Between Thyroxine and Hyperthyroidism

Thyroxine is a hormone that's released into the blood stream by the thyroid gland located just above the collarbone. It helps regulate the metabolic rates, controls muscles and plays a vital role in the digestion process.

If the hormone is released in excess amounts into the bloodstream, a condition known as thyrotoxicosis, it leads to enlargement of thyroid in the neck region. This inflammation is what is known as Hyperthyroidism or goiter.

Conditions that Trigger Hyperthyroidism.

This condition can be triggered by any of the factors outlined below:

1. Graves' disease- an autoimmune problem which alters the working of thyroid leading to excess release of the thyroid hormone into the blood.

2.Low Iodine Intake- Low levels of Iodine in the body leads to a poor production of thyroid hormone. This often results to thyroid enlargement.

3. Iodine intake in excess- while Iodine help in production of thyroid hormone, taking excess of it may lead to thyroid dysfunction. This then turns to subclinical hyperthyroidism.

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Common Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

Any individual who may have developed the condition experiences;

1. Nervousness,irritability and increased anxiety.

2. Menstruation cycle becomes irregular in some women.

3. The neck region becomes swollen because of enlargement of the thyroid gland.

4. Feeling exhausted, decreased concentration and muscle weakness.

5. An increase in heart rate and palpitations.

6. Eyes of the victim seem swollen and also bulge out.

Facts About Hyperthyroidism

Fact number 1: Sixty percent of people who suffer from Hyperthyroidism aren't aware of the condition.

Fact number 2: Undiagnosed thyroid disease can develop to osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and infertility.

Fact number 3: Most thyroid related diseases are lifelong and can be managed through medication.

Wrapping it up

Hyperthyroidism can develop to a more serious health condition if not treated in time. The include Cardiac dilation, Arrhythmia and even congestive heart failure. It's therefore, important to take the necessary food components and supplements to safeguard your health of those dependent on you.


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