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What are the challenges to Aloe Vera's Stabilization

Updated on May 13, 2010

The best way to protect this remarkable plant!

First of all, the delicate chemistry has to be protected without rendering it useless. Even though there have been great studies in the past few years when it comes to the stabilizing process of aloe vera, there will always remain a great deal more work to be done.

Knowing that aloe vera’s greatest strength is in its remarkable enzymatic activity, that being the case, traditionally the safety of protecting the enzymes has been the greatest challenge.

In fact, in past years, any attempt to transfer the aloe raw ingredients to a usable product would result in degradation and contamination. Many of the older attempts to stabilize the product, such as pasteurization would leave the aloe product virtually inert. The same as cooked and canned food that have little nutritional value compared to the raw original fruit or vegetable. Aloe vera products cooked in the same high heat net the same results.

In this day and age, some claim to have the proper stabilization and those that make the claim number in the thousands. They have tried everything from boiling, freezing, distilling, freeze-drying, desiccating, pasteurization of various kinds, molecule trimming with preservatives, cold processing, concentration-extraction and combinations of everything possible to stabilize aloe vera.

Of all those methods, the question remains, is a stable product an effective product? And has the stabilized product properly been put to the test …and passed the tests? Does the test prove that the efficacy, purity and broad spectrum healing potential maintain its integrity?

As the founders of Healthy Systems Nutritionals, we make available to the public the worlds first effective stabilized organic aloe vera formulation and of what many believe is the most effective formulation in the market place today.

We offer this simple suggestion to anyone investigating the potentials of a product: ask to see the proof.

Laboratory test, clinical data, double blind studies and control group studies should not only prove the efficiency of aloe vera in general but also serve to validate any specific brand of aloe vera placed under scrutiny.

As stated earlier in this article …of the many 1000’s of aloe vera manufacturer out there promoting their aloe vera products. If in doubt, and you should be. Ask to see the proof.

Any aloe vera company or supplier with true integrity will take the time and trouble to do so. So, unless they do, you’re taking a chance on the choices you make …know your supplier!

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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Chaser ...I can see you believe in the "best tasting aloe" ...There are three great flavors and also natural ...and even some people love the natural. But honestly ..chaser we are really interested in education the mass about aloe. I am sure you could help.

      You really do chase life don't you ... always can depend on you. Yes you can order a case ...give us a call and we arrange that for you.

      My best to your health!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hey gj cody...really enjoy the hubs about aloe vera....I'm going to order a case(8) next I have some people that is showing some interest...thanks for the info.

      BTW...can I order a case(8) of mixed flavors?


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