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What are the uses of yogurt?

Updated on March 21, 2014

Combat your ailments with yogurt

Yogurt is a talented food which helps to open your appetite. It helps to fight infections in the body and restore normality if used preoperly.

Plain Yogurt is always the best


The uses of yogurt

According to "Medicinenet" yogurt helps the digestive system.It also introduces friendly bacteria into the body know as probiotics.The article further elaborates on other uses of yogurt which includes to treat ;colon cancer,diarrhea and constipation.The information provided by Medicinenet is further supported by the site entitled "Canadian living".

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Use Yogurt to improve your health

What are the uses of yogurt?

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Yogurt is a common house-hold product.Take advantage of it!!

Yogurt is a delectable snack consumed by many.It's a common house-hold product that is commonly over looked.Yogurt consists of live cultures and probiotics that creates an array of good bacteria inside your body when consumed.These bacteria helps to heal the body and prevent certain infections in women such as yeast infection.I recommend this item to everyone.It will restore normality to your body.

Only use plain yogurt with live cultures


The benefits of yogurt in concise form

The benefits of Yogurt

  • Acne
  • Constipation
  • diarrhea
  • Colon Cancer
  • Sunburn
  • Yeast Infection

Yogurt and its benefits

My experiences with yogurt has been a long journey,as a result of its various benefits.In the following paragraphs I will elaborate on the uses of yogurts on the body.

(1) Skin - Yogurt contains important minerals such as zink,lactic acid,calcium and B-vitamins.These elements aid in the improvement of your skin.Yogurt is good for acne ,sunburns and tightening pores.Yogurt is of an acidic(lactic acid) medium.Thus,it will decrease the presence of bacteria on the skin causing the skin to heal much faster.

My personal experience

I have used yogurt in the past for my acne.However,it did not work for me.I have heard about other people with acne that had managed to completely heal their acne using Yogurt. I used yogurt at least once every second week and it softened my skin tremendously and improved sunburns.Also,it is very important to use PLAIN YOGURT.

(2)Constipation - Yogurt will indeed alleviate constipation.However,it is very important to purchase plain yogurt.Any additives will decrease the effects of the yogurt's capacity to reduce constipation.

(3)Colon cancer- Eating Yogurt helps to improve intestinal health.Yogurt consists of probiotics,which are commonly called Good bacteria. Probiotics help to balance your resident flora and the byproducts of yogurt increase your colon acidity that will help to decrease tumor formation.

My personal experience

I am not a victim of colon cancer but my advice to those who have this disease is that whenever your using yogurt it is important to consume some sort of prebiotics(bacteria that helps probiotics to flourish) suchs as ripe bananas.

(4) Yeast infection - Once again the wonders of Yogurt comes into play.Yogurt is commonly used for a yeast infection and It is most popularly used at the beginning of an infection.Yogurt consists of an acidic medium and so does the vagina.Yeast infection usually occurs in the vagina whenever the pH range inside the vagina has been altered.Yogurt will help to balance the pH level inside the vagina due to the presence of lactic acid and friendly bacteria known as probiotics.

My personal experience

A lot of people chose to insert yogurt inside the vagina using a syringe or other means but why insert it when you can eat it.The vagina is not a place to play around and you should NEVER insert anything inside the vagina,it will not end well.Should i repeat!!!!! If the yeast infection persists i recommend you visit your doctor.

Methods for how you can use Yogurt for various Ailments

Uses of yogurt
Recommended use
Type of Yogurt
Apply to the skin
Plain yogurt(live cultures +probiotics)
Colon cancer
Ingest with ripe bananas
Plain yogurt(live cultures +probiotics)
Apply to the skin
Plain yogurt(live cultures +probiotics)
Yeast iInfection
Ingest orally
Plain yogurt(live cultures +probiotics)
Ingest orally
Plain yogurt(live cultures +probiotics)

Only Purchase Plain Yogurt

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"The wonders of using Yogurt" in concise

Yogurt works well when its is ingested or applied directly to areas affected by various ailments,except in places like vagina.Though it is good for yeast infections, it is better to visit your local doctor.Yogurt can be applied to the skin directly if you have a sunburn or acne.Likewise,it can be ingested if you suffer from colon cancer or constipation.The live bacteria in yogurt helps to restore the normal pH balance inside the digestive system and the vagina.Eating Yogurt or applying it directly will help to maintain a healthy body and keep u away from tuns of medication.

Please leave your comments and any need for improvement.Thanks much. @Shankelis@

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Yogurt is a truly effective health food.

      Great hub!

    • shanice whitter profile image

      Shankelis 4 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks much for your comment and you are welcome.It is indeed worth a try.

    • Purpose Embraced profile image

      Yvette Stupart PhD 4 years ago from Jamaica

      Thanks for posting shanice. I really didn't know that yogurt had so many benefits, including helping in the digestive system