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What are the ways to reconstitute and inject the growth hormone?

Updated on March 1, 2016


Generally, the somatropin in a liquid form is extremely brittle. Heat (even the room temperature) and active shaking can damage them. You should take some precaution measures:

  • water should not be injected straightly into the powder with power;
  • avoid shaking or dropping of the reconstituted phial;
  • keep it out of fridge not more than a few minutes and do not freeze it;

Store the freeze dried (lyophilized) hormone phials also refrigerated.

Water: Some kinds of water may be applied to reconstitute the growth hormone, comprising normal saline (0,9% NaCI), sterile bacteriostatic water (0,9% sodium chloride) or usual sterile water for injections. All of them are suitable but usual sterile water is better.

Squirt: Any size and kind of squirt could be used for mixing and injections of the HGH, but the Insulin squirt is more preferable. Try to use the squirt that has 100 markings. This will ease you the way to define the correct dose of the HGH.

Mixing (reconstitution): Withdraw the plastic cap on the top of the phial; disinfect the rubber with a medical alcohol pad. Pull 1 ml of water (100 markings) into an insulin squirt.

Warning: the volume of water you have (1ml or 2ml) does not matter; the solution will have the same power in general. Water is used just as a means of transporting the growth hormone. The double amount of water demands double injecting for receiving the same doze of the HGH. It is enough to apply 1ml as this amount fits the insulin squirt.

When you have water in the squirt, pierce the rubber cap of the phial with a needle, trying to inject water along the wall of the phial. Avoid injecting straightly into the powder with power, let it slide down the phial.

The greater part of the power will decompose in a few seconds, but some parts will remain. You shouldn’t shake the phial trying to decompose them. You can just roll the phial between your fingers and in a few minutes, everything will decompose. Another variant to get rid of the lumps is to put the phial in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.

Turn the phial between your fingers to mix the composite and only after this pull the mixture into the squirt. It will be difficult for you to pull the solution, as the phial is under vacuum (negative air pressure). To get rid of the vacuum pull a full squirt of air into the top of the phial (avoid making the liquid bubbles).

You can either use a new squirt every time or pull all the solution from the phial into the squirt and use it until it is empty several times.


Human growth hormone dosage: if you have prescriptions made by your doctor, follow them. If you made a prescription yourself, follow the next guideline:

  • For anti-aging aims use 2 IU a day. Injections can be done any time of the day, on a full or empty stomach. But best of all it is to inject it in the morning or 2 hours before going to bed, as your body releases its endogenous GH after you fall asleep. If you do not want to rob yourself of a free dose of hormone, do not make injections before going to sleep.
  • For bodybuilding, general fitness and fat loss use 4IU a day. Sometimes people apply 6IU a day, but the side effects are higher if the dose is larger. One of the side effects is the carpal tunnel syndrome, which makes athletes reduce the dose or make a pause for 2-3 weeks until the syndrome disappears. It is better to divide the day dose into several injections. It can be 2IU and 2IU - in the morning and late afternoon.
  • After serious injuries or burns to help in the recovery the dose is from 8 to 16IU. As this dose is rather high, it can be taken only within a few weeks. The same carpal tunnel syndrome can appear, but for the needs of recovery it can be tolerated

Personally self defined dose

From 2IU to 4IU can be taken a day. Everyone can define his own dose. The limit is the appearance of the carpal tunnel syndrome. If it doesn’t bother you too much and it is necessary to prolong the treatment, you can continue. Sometimes athletes neglect the syndrome for a short period of time if they want to achieve some aims.

A raised level of HGH also forces the body to apply its thyroid hormone quicker. It is advisable to control the levels of all hormones if you use human growth hormone. You should reduce the dose or make a pause if the level of thyroid is too low.

Warning: Human growth hormone influences directly your blood sugar level. If you suffer from diabetes, it is wisely to consult the doctor before prescribing yourself HGH. When you use the growth hormone, it is desirable to adjust your insulin level. You might have a period of instability for a few days after the beginning of treatment, so it is necessary to modify the dose or stop the cycle. It is possible to increase the dosage gradually to the one you want and it will take 2-3 weeks to gradually stop the cycle.

Human growth hormone injections: HGH injections can be made subcutaneously (SQ) in the stomach fat area under the skin or intramuscularly (IM) in any muscle. It is better to make injections above the belly button, as they are not so painful in comparison with below the belly. Every new injection should be made into a different spot (not to risk potentially making dents in the fat of the body – because the growth hormone is supposed to cause localized fat reduction).

When making SQ injections, it is necessary to pinch the skin between the abs, insert the needle fully at an angle of 30-35 degrees and release the dose. With IM injections –insert the needle into your gluteus muscle or shoulder to the full and inject the dose.

There are rumors that SQ injections have better effect as the growth hormone is better available from there. But it is not proved medically. The only fact is that IM injections are more pleasant if this can be said about injections at all.

Beginning and finishing the cycle: Many forums on the Internet present numerous misconceptions as to the usage of HGH. Some of them are so old that date back to the dawn of the Internet, but they are proceed to be repeated by people.

Some sources state that HGH should be used 5 days with 2 pause days per week. This is a real misconception and it appeared long ago, as earlier HGH was very expensive and athletes just skipped some days to stretch the course. The endogenous growth hormone is never stopped being produced.

Some sources say that it is necessary to increase the dosage to the desired one gradually and finish the cycle in the same way – gradually decreasing the dose. But it does not matter whether you begin and finish the cycle with a full or reduced dose. But it is possible that some blood sugar instability (sudden hypoglycemia) may occur, so it is advisable to prepare a candy bar for such periods.


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