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Do You Need a Little Tune-Up Now?

Updated on October 18, 2012

What do you do when those internal walls start to crumble, and your balance starts slipping away? Everyone feels crumbly or wobbly at some time, so find an answer here. Let's get those blues colored rosy, and those feet to tapping again!

Here sits an answer for some. A dog always loves you! This sweet friend is Bella Sue!

A dog doesn't mind crumbles.  If you fall down, he'll come and lie down with you and cover you with kisses.
A dog doesn't mind crumbles. If you fall down, he'll come and lie down with you and cover you with kisses.

De-stress with music. Relax with smooth harmony as you read.

Get balanced, get glued, little by little it will be OK again.

Well hubber, this is one answer for you. Not to be considered a complete answer of course, but here are a few things that all we tired souls must seek to do on occasion. Maybe it is self-TLC. You know what? "I'll even 'listen' to this myself."

Because shucks, we all get tired and cross, blue and moody, have uncertainties that just don't go away. With the divisiveness and controversy of our society, the magnitude of our world problems, we add the load of our own personalized troubles, unrealized ideals, familial confusions, negative work issues, health and aging factors that often become even more problematic than we could have imagined.

So, when we are stressed out of balance, we are then down, maybe looking at the bottom, or at least it feels like it. And when we are down, there is a necessity for rest, relaxation, nutrition (wow!) and while we are horizontal and afraid to stand up, we have the time and focus to think about little tiptoe recovery processes. We need a pit stop to fix our vertigo, and put instant glue on our crumbles. Move those muscles. Pray. Bellyache to an empty room! Share with someone who can understand but don't pile it on them, just explain a bit, interact, respond, request, listen. Then take whatever parts of the pertinent advice are fit for your need and put a tiny plan of action into place and start down your list of imbalances for correction. Don't grab all of them at once but persistently work on each area of distress, one at a time. One step, one decision gets you started in the right direction --up. First you'll stand, then walk, and certainly you'll be running again.

Nobody can do it for you but you can do it yourself. Most of all be nice to your self, be a little patient, don't wallow in your crumbles, speak positively and hopefully even while recognizing you may not feel positive. Override your emotional distress with action even if it is just thinking about moving your feet. And of course, pet a dog. Scrubble on a cat and listen to its purring. Or listen to a bird sing. Turn on the music and dance till you are breathless!

Our body and mind interact so closely in activity that however you operate in one reflects in the other. Whatever else may be necessary for you to resolve issues, it is almost certain that nutritional support is a part of the healing picture. Call it chemical emotion (PMS?) or mental nutrition, we're sure to require more such assistance when stressed, struggling, stuck.

Our bodies can manufacture vitamins from nutritious food, but cannot manufacture minerals. If you do not garner enough from your food, and that is unlikely, supplemental ingestion is neccessary. Three basic minerals are vital for physical health and provide many avenues of interactivity throughout our cellular makeup: Calcium, magnesium and potassium are electrolytes necessary for every cellular process we perform, and along with many trace minerals build up the whole system to withstand difficult circumstances better from a physical standpoint. Without this cellular electrical stability, our kinetic physical and thus mental processes lack endurance, tend to 'crumble' more easily. Remember in science class when you learned that 'we' are made of electricity? Yes; and perhaps new technology has now extablished that electricity is actually fostered by those 'vibrating strings' that were recently in the news. (Vibration does tend to produce crumbles...?)

And things change. Always change. Sometimes better, sometimes not so good, sometimes just utterly horrific. We have no control over how some circumstances, evolve, expand, disappear, from/in our life. What we must constantly learn is the adjusting to that change. This is a life-long process and it may --no-- will be a life-long learning practice that will grow, mature, become easier in some areas. Other of our crumbles we must learn to release to the winds. Gradually as we start to see 'crumbles', we will be able to grab the glue much quicker. Sometimes we must ask others to glue us up, but it will work perfectly fine to at times spread it on ourselves.

Speak softly, love yourself consistently, treat others with kindness too, for we walk together no matter how often we walk alone. What goes around comes back around. May it be ever growing love, happiness and peace. Crumbles and all!


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