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Dreaming about the death of someone who you know is still alive

Updated on August 30, 2012

I am pretty sure about that dreams having a meaning for us, telling us about things that is in our subconscious. I have been dreaming about things that has happened later in the day, or about things that I in time understand the meaning of. But this time I need advice cause I have tried and seek the answer in me and in people around me, but no one seem to understand.

Some background: It happens to be so that I still have both of my grandfathers still alive, and also a bonus-grandfather or step-grandfather. I have a very complicated relationship with my dad's father. He has let me down big time, though he doesn't quite get it I think. So I haven't seen him for nearly 8 years. But it sure has made a hole in my heart. He is quite old and my dad don't think he has very long time left.

My mothers father is someone I unfortunately don't see a lot of, but we still have a good relationship and I care a lot for him. He was actually visiting me like a month ago or something. He is very healthy for his age, and has got and overcome prostate cancer not so long ago.

The one I see most of is my grandmothers second husband, who is not my biological relative but I see him as my real grandfather. He is though old and has become sicker over the years. He don't have much strength left now...

Now to the dream: Last night I had dream that made me wake up crying in the middle of the night. What I remember of it was me being at home I think, and getting a phone call from my mum or dad about dad's father pasted away. It made me very sad I remember, but I did not have time to process it until mum called again to say that her father also was gone.

I woke up with tears in my eyes thinking that it was lucky he came to visit last month and I was also sad for not having time to talk to dad's father just one last time.

It has kept my mind to think over and over on the meaning, if there is one, and I find some conclusions, but not that includes both of them this way....

Has anyone got a clue?


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    • rroberts1 profile image

      rroberts1 6 years ago from United States

      jeshon! there doesn't seem to be anything wrong? This type of dreaming is good. What I gather is that you are watching the people you are closest too getting older. Unfortunately we all have to face this reality. I believe whatever is on your mind the moment you fall to sleep result in dreams, the brain works 24/7. On that note cherish the times you spend with your loved ones also be mindful that the older you get the focus and purpose in life is to live until you have become exhausted (you have lived a complete life). Don't take life for granted, may your dreams bring you closer to your loved ones regardless of the past. ~Rabbit

    • jeshon profile image

      jeshon 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment JeniferRW, I've also heard a few times about pregnancy in this case. I know for a fact that I'm not pregnant, and no one in my family. But maybe there is a friend around that I don't know about.

      But I do think this may have some other meaning, although it would be nice with happy news of a child! :)

    • JeniferRW profile image

      Jen 6 years ago from Couch

      I'm sorry to read about all the sadness in your relationships, I know family ties and bonds or breaking bonds are hard to deal with. As far as dreaming about death to be honest the only thing I have ever heard referenced to a death dream is someone you know getting pregnant. I know it sounds insane, but generally death in dreams have equaled either pregnancy or the beginning of some new venture in life. I am in NO way an expert on the subject though so hopefully someone else will come along who has real experience in this area. That is just what I have read about through different studies and articles I've seen in the past. I hope this helps you out a little and keep your head up! ~Jen