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What Is The 5x5 Workout Routine?

Updated on March 19, 2014
5x5 routines
5x5 routines

Body building can be defined as a way of positively modifying the body by involving intense and extreme routines. Many routines exist and one of them is the 5x5 workout routine, which is very essential for the effective muscle and power development.

The routine has been proven successful since its introduction and testing some years back. It is advantageous because it aids in helping the trainer achieve muscle, size and strength is very fast and effective way. It involves working out your muscles and allowing them to grow and heal adequately during the rest of the week. It is easy yet very effective and just about anyone who follows the techniques can achieve success in the routine. Its secret is simple - 5 steps being repeated 5 times.

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5x5 training lifestyle
5x5 training lifestyle

Researchers back up the technique by discovering that working out in sets, and increasing weights after each set leads to significant increase in muscle and weight…and just like that, the 5x5 workout routine is demystified.
Also, the researchers discovered that sets of five are the safest and most effective system to maximize muscle growth yet allow for safe recovery and healing. The system minimizes stress and reduces risk of muscle-tearing and damage.

The metabolic exhaustion achieved from this technique is very low as compared to others. It also allows lifting of heavier weights progressively and is very suitable for beginners who want to achieve considerable success in a short period of time. Experienced trainers can benefit from this technique as they get to switch-up their routines and also experience lighter, more efficient and productive ways of body building and exercising.
Another benefit of this technique is that is very ideal for the busy person, in that is quite simple and time-saving unlike other routines like super sets and Cardio training.

Even though it has its benefit, this routine is not necessarily ideal for everyone. The people who work-out and are looking forward to leaner, healthier bodies are the least beneficiaries of this 5x5 workout routine. Even though this technique allows for reduction of fat, it’s mostly geared for growth of muscle and increase in size and weight. So the ‘cut’ motive of working out in 5x5 would not be best achieved using this routine.

Other types of trainers that may not benefit from this technique are the casual trainers. These ones are usually not serious enough about their training and they lack consistency and proper motivation. They also lack proper instructions and equipment. Unfortunately, the casual trainers from a very large part of the ones who visit the gym. So by attempting to do this routine, they risk injury and abnormal body modification i.e. unproportional muscle sizes.

The 5x5 workout routine, as said earlier, is quite simple. It can be done in the form of Squats, Benches, Barbell Rows, Dead lifts, Military Presses, Bent Overs, Preacher Curls and Machine Raises among many others. Each work-out is aimed at impacting a certain body part. Consulting a gym attendant or a fitness instructor is recommended before training so that you can get aid in creating your schedule and adhering to it and of course, the most important part, the nutrition.
Remember, you must to get supply of great proteins in order to grow, improve your muscle mass and get more powerful. User premium proteins only.

Learn About The Leading 5x5 Routine - Stronglift 5x5

A program designed by Mehdi the Stronglifts team. Gain strength, build muscle, and lose fat with 3 workouts a week. Alternate workout A with workout B and increase the load incrementally using a 5x5 rep scheme. If you stall, deload the weight and work your way back up.

StrongLifts 5x5 Workout - A Training

StrongLifts 5x5 Workout - B Training


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    • popularinfo profile image

      popularinfo 6 years ago

      Yes, 5x5 routine is great, just need to have some extra effort.

    • ccoltrun profile image

      ccoltrun 6 years ago

      I wrote something similar. The 5x5 routine is very efficient!